Core help designing a security all lights on

Hi, newbie here. I need HELP!! PLease.
I am looking to do the following:
Either using core or whatever else you may recommend.
I have 3 keyfobs I only need 1 to work
Iris 1 button
Aeotec 4 button
Aeon labs 4 button

  1. What I want, is to press A button any button once.
  2. Then a group of lights ( front door, rear door, hallway, garage, stoop) flash on and off 3 times
  3. Then stay on 100 percent for 3 miniutes
    4a. Then go back to whatever percentage they were at previously.
    4b. If I cant go back to whatever they were previosly, then turn off some, and turn down to 30 percent some

I will pay someone to help me if necessary


Hey Robert, this is something you can very well do yourself and don’t need to pay anyone for it.

I would recommend that you install webCoRE (instructions in community link below) and go that route. There is a huge community dedicated to it to help you get started and plenty of people to assist you along the way. Although there is a learning curve and fundamentals that you will need to learn, you do not need to be a programmer or have a degree in rocket science. It’s relatively easy after you have done some research, reading and question asking. You can become very dangerous. :slight_smile:


With that, based on your requirements, I set up a very basic Piston for you as a model to how you would do this yourself:

  • When Rock 1 (Switch) is turned On, do the following:
  • Turn on Dining Room Light
  • Set level to 100%
  • Flash Light 3 times with a second delay in between each
  • Turn on light
  • Set level to 100%
  • Wait 3 minutes
  • Set level to 30%

This is very basic. 1 switch and 1 light for now. I did this to give you a very basic understanding of how to do it. Once you see this, you can add additional qualifications for any of these 4 or 5 buttons and add more lights that turn on, flash, dim and turn off later to your Piston. There are a million different things you can do and you will soon find this out.

So how can you get this Piston that I created in your environment. After you install webCoRE and get all setup (all your devices added that will be used for webCoRE) and into the Dashboard, you will select Create New Piston and then select Restore a Piston using a backup code. The 4 digit code you see in the screenshot is what you will enter. You will then be asked to replace the Switch with your own (pick one for testing) and the Bulb (select one of your bulbs for testing). This will modify the Piston for your environment and your devices:

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