CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons


dammit!!! and here i am pulling my hair thinking i messed up my pistons for whatever reason … thank you… ill try again later.

Yeah, I subscribe to the status updates and it saves me a lot of time as that would be the first place to check. Glad it helped.


Trying to delete core but am unable to. I deleted all configured devises but I’m getting an error.

Hi there, not sure if theres an issue with ifttt right now but all my ifttt related piston are not working right now… is there anyone experiencing this problem?

I spent two hours last night pulling my hair out with stuff not working before I gave up and went to bed. Thanks for sharing this, as it will undoubtedly save me future sleepless nights!

CoRE itself doesn’t go down but the infrastructure does. Reading the latest posts it looks like there has been an issue.
Try again.
If the problem persists, post a screenshot of your piston so the peeps on here can look and advise.

Thank you guys for all your hard work. I m new to Smartthings and have just installed a lot of new sensors in my home, replacing my old alarm set up with Smartthings. I also got a fibaro Keyfob and have it installed and connected. But i need help to get it to work, I would like to use it as an extra controll by the entry door to set Smart Home Monitor in different modes (armed, armed home, dissarmed) with keyfob. My guess is that this is done by creating pistones using core, but can not make it to work. All support is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
I understand your Boolean preference comment and inserting the “or” statement…
Unfortunately i lost you on the .
“Try If switch “Changes To” on “Interaction” Physical or Programmatic”

Sisnt seem to find those options

Instead of using the “condition” Is, scroll down until you see the “trigger” Changes To.

The options will then become available.

Ok, not sure where to ask this question… I’m looking for someone who is familiar with CoRE AND google home API AND YouTube API’s. What I’m looking to accomplish is to ask google home to
"Hey google, watch PBS newshour on family room tv" and have this caught and interpreted by CoRE. Where the gh command triggers a piston which captures the search parameter as a variable and also the cast device as a variable. Then, executes a harmony activity to turn on the $caster tv and set the input to chromecast, execute the search of $search_parameter:PBS newshour on YouTube and casts the first result to the chromecast.

I am sure that the piston i’m making is made right, i have CoRe on a other hub too and i am making the same piston. Still i will ask my question here since i don’t know where else to ask…

I am using CoRe and have 2 locations… One is “Home”, one is “Salon”.
Both were using CoRe functionally, since the app was installed on both hubs and was doing it’s job perfectly… till i decided to change the Salon hub V1 to a V2 hub.
Removed everything from the Salon hub according to the migration plan of smartthings.
Now i installed the new hub v2 at the “Salon” outside. Everything is working but CoRe.
It keeps giving me “Error saving this page” when i try to save a pison. The status of a piston when i make one is: “unknown”. I updated CoRe, i reinstalled CoRe, i changed the name of the hub to something diffrent then the V1 was, but still no luck.

It cannot be an android issue in my opinion, since CoRe is working at the home hub and i had CoRe working before at the v1 hub. Also i tried 3 diffrent phones installing CoRe/saving a piston…

I am out of ideas and i really need CoRe back at the salon :frowning:

Check the IDE live logging for any error messages that might help in figuring out the issue.

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Does anyone have a routine for a housekeeper? I’m trying to think of the best way to make the house “dumber” when the housekeeper comes to clean. This is the first time we’ve had a housekeeper. I have smart locks, and have set up a code that only works on the day and times she will be here.

I guess I’m just looking for some gotcha, as in I don’t want the cleaner to be freaking out when doors are locking automatically, lights turning off, etc.

Any ideas or thoughts from personal experience would be great!

I use a simulated switch called company. When we have company visiting I turn the switch on and my pistons and routines act differently. Once my company leaves I turn the switch off and everything automates as usual.


java.lang.NullPointerException @ line 8629

Which is:

private formatLocalTime(time, format = “EEE, MMM d yyyy @ h:mm a z”) {
if (time instanceof Long) {
time = new Date(time)
if (time instanceof String) {
//get UTC time
time = timeToday(time, location.timeZone)
if (!(time instanceof Date)) {
return null
def formatter = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat(format)
return formatter.format(time)

I live in the Netherlands, dunno if i have done something wrong when installed this new V2 hub with the time zone stuff?

Getting an unexpected error while trying to look at core dashboard, anyone else know why. Trying to look at my pistons

Had the same issue this morning.
Try enabeling the Oath setting for CoRE in the IDE

I am having all kinds of issues with Core. I can open the Core app and see all my pistons. I can only see a single piston if I go to a device and open the Core app. So I am figuring I need to remove it and reinstall it. However will I lose all my pistons if I do that and also has anyone figured out how to back them up?

I created a simple routine that is empty and I call it guest. it turns the house dumb and if you have night routines that changes modes you can switch it back automatically or manually. I had a problem with guest doing things outside my routines so I said if needed hit guest mode and nothing will turn on or off unless you switch it. stone age mode. no matter what though when I go to bed I hit my goodnight and everything gets recalibrate.

that’s my use case