CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

I have been working on a similar situation, the load attribute for a Thermostat does not work. There is a bug that was supposed to have been fixed, but I don’t think so.

Can anyone help me with my problem below, please? What is the best method of starting a piston based on a Motion Sensor?

I’m not sure if it is because you have mixed a Trigger and an Action in the same Condition statement.
I believe you cannot mix the 2.
The trigger will start and ignore the Action in the statement.
Why not try If sensor IS Active.

Not sure but worth a try. :slight_smile:

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no, sorry… I only wrote it that way. they are separate as trigger & action

How about posting a screenshot.

Also, do you need the ‘And Light Is Off’?

I think I figured this out.

it was religiously turning on the light after the second flash on the sensor, so I changed “changes to active” to “changes” and it works.

I guess the 350ms that it was active for was not long enough to cause a trigger in CoRE

Hey, did you ever get a reply or find out why the ST routines were’t executing? I have the exact same problem.


Trying to get the camera to pan down when the door opens. Right now it does nothing, but everything else in the piston works. Camera goes to position 2 when active motion and position 3 when active motion, just no pan down. Any ideas?

Try changes to open

not an option in the list

I ended up moving everything over to CoRE and it all works now. The only Routine I have in the ST app is a “Mode Test” routine I used to change the Mode on demand for testing new or edited CoRE Pistons.

Try taking out the 10 minute part from the conditions up top and add it into the “THEN” section below with a cancel on piston state change.

I believe the timers up top are fighting each other and that is your issue.

Hi everyone. Sorry if I’m doing this wrong, this is my first time posting here.

I’m curious if there is a way to enable Hue “scenes” based on how they are triggered?

Currently, we mostly use Alexa for our on/off functions but I also have several time based triggers and a Harmony action for a “theater mode”, I’m also getting into the motion sensor game for night lights in some places.

I have a piston that says, IF a light it turned on THEN turn it to a certain color temperature depending on the time of day. That’s fine and dandy but I don’t know how to bypass that when the lights are triggered by other means (if they’re triggered by anything other than Alexa then that means I want them to come on a different way than my current piston). Anyone have any ideas?

Another question I have is: for the above piston, is there a way to get the light to turn on directly to the desired color temperature? Right now they come on to the previous temperature and then change.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

I have 6 toggle switches connected to radio stations. And if I change stations I only want that toggle switch on, and to turn off the previous one.
I’m stumped.
IF any of 1,2,3,4,5,6
Changes to On
THEN turn off “the previous one that was on”? Or the other 5 switches?


Dustin, thanks for your reply. The reason I have these timers is to verify that indeed we left home and that my son (which does not have a phone yet), was not left at home (hence the check if there was no movement for 10 minutes). Each of these timers is associated to a separate condition and and once fulfilled should not affect the other condition. Anyways, I don’t know how can I check for presence or movement in the “Then” part.

I think you’ll be needing a bunch of Else-If’s for this. I don’t know of any easier way to accomplish this.

Switch1 changes to on
Using Switch2,3,4,5, and 6
  > Turn off

Switch2 changes to on
Using Switch1,3,4,5, and 6
  > Turn off

And so on...
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Anybody have any suggestions?

Trying to get the camera to pan down when the door opens. Right now it does nothing, but everything else in the piston works. Camera goes to position 2 when active motion and position 3 when active motion, just no pan down. Any ideas?

Am I able to pass a variable to a piston when executing it via a URL.
I would like to activate the piston with the following URL and tell it to turn the switch ON…{token}/smartapps/installations{AppID}/execute/Presence?switch=ON

Here’s what I ended up doing. I’ll check it out when I get home, but the logic seems good. I created a single virtual Switch.
I created a piston, that says if any of the three presence sensors change state in the last 5 minutes AND if any of them are present, then turn Switch to on. Then I created another piston. Similar, but says if any change presence in the past 5 minutes AND no one is present, then turn it to Off. Then in my original rule, I have it set to if its between sunset and sunrise and any of the three sensors are present AND the Switch is off, then turn on the lights.

I think the logic works. When you 1st get home the “Someones Home” virtual switch will be off and will stay off for 5 minutes, so the “turn on lights rule” would run. But if anyone was already home and had been home for more than 5 minutes then the rule would not run.

I was thinking about reducing the time to 1 minute, but was not sure how much “stess” that level of polling would be? Anyone have good/bad experience with the presense sensor “changed within x minutes” rule using CORE?

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