CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Try changing the trigger on the minimote from “is” pushed to “changes to” pushed. That should do the trick. “is” is a condition and you don’t want to mix conditions and triggers.

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Can a CoRE piston be cloned? I want the same setup but just change the devices.

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OK. Completely new to CoRE. Tried to figure this out, but can’t wrap my mind around it.

Here’s what I want to do:
I want to synchronize my Abode Security’s modes with SmartThings Security Modes.

  • (Abode) Standby <==> (ST) DISARMED
  • (Abode) Home <==> (ST) ARMED (HOME)
  • (Abode) Away <==> (ST) ARMED (AWAY)

Abode has IFTTT, so no problem in triggering based on Abode Modes. Unfortunately, ST doesn’t expose the Security Modes to IFTTT.


  • If Abode turns on “Away”, I want ST to automatically be set to ARMED (AWAY)

  • If ST turns on ARMED (AWAY), I want Abode to automatically be set to “Away”.

I also want to avoid looping. Example:

  • ST set to Away triggers Abode to Away, which then triggers ST to Away, …


Not yet, but this functionality will be in the next version.

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Perfect, that works!

Is there any way of monitoring for and/or acting on a press of a ‘button’ that is part of a SmartApp (not a Device Handler)?

I tried to sift through all of these questions and couldnt find the answer to my question.

Is it possible to get a daily notification or set to a schedule notification for the current temp/humidity/etc for a device? I try to set up all of the variables but it doesnt have a push notification option unless im picking the wrong settings. Which is probably the case…

You can set up a piston that triggers on a daily basis that will push your notifications.

Time happens at your_time
Using location...
  > Push your variables

I can get it to send me a push notification with a set message, but not one with the temp/humidity/etc data. Im fairly new to Core, apologies for being a pain.

You can use system variables for the device and data in question. Here’s an example … see the last action block:

System variables are listed at the bottom of the piston dashboard view; they are prefixed with ‘$’ and are read-only. So an example notification from the above piston would be, “71F At BloomSky-Cyclops”.

This is as far as i get.

How can I send a custom web request? I don’t have much experience with this but what I’m trying to do is send a JSON POST message to Home Assistant.

When I do it in IFTTT, I use this format:
Method: POST
Content Type: JSON
Body: {“entity_id”:“scene.bedtime”}

Unfortunately in CoRE, I don’t see an option to set my own body text, only choose from variables. Is there a way to do this? Could we make custom text an option for a POST message? Thanks

Looking for some assistance with getting a condition in my if then else statement that turns lights on/off based on motion. I’d like to have my light stay on regardless of motion if the switch was manually toggled on. I can’t seem to find where the correct variable is for “manually toggled” and I am unclear on where it belongs in the statment.

make a variable called entity_id, set it to ‘scene.bedtime’ and then pass it to the make http request - when JSON is selected, it builds the body as a JSON using the variables (“name”:“value”) you select.

it’s not necessarily that one doesn’t want to mix conditions and triggers. The mix serves its purpose. For example, presence changes to present and time is after 8pm - this would only happen if you come home after 8pm, but won’t happen when you’re already home at 8pm. If you said ‘presence is present and time is after 8pm’ then you’d get an event either when you come home after 8pm or if you’re already home when the clock strikes 8pm. It’s all in semantics, I guess :smiley:

This is how I do it:

This works. Just depends how much info you would like to collect


Sorry, I’m a novice here. Is the Variable autoKitchenLights what checks for the manual toggle? I do not see this variable listed.

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You can create as many local variables as you need…

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I guess my knowledge on how variables work is lacking. I’ll have to read up on this. I found out how to create a global variable but do not understand how to utilize it within the statement.