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Hi all, really loving CoRE at the moment. Hopefully a simple question:

Is it possible to focus CoRE right in on the power state of light bulbs (i.e. whether they’re powered)?

I have two things I want to do:

  1. Trigger an action specifically when a bulb is powered on. My bathroom light switch also triggers the extraction fan, so I can’t really leave the bulb powered all the time. When it’s powered on at night I’d like it to be set to a different level to when it’s powered on during the day. I’ve tried this with CoRE and nothing seems to trigger when I turn the bulb on.

  2. Trigger an action only when the bulb is powered off. I have some bulbs that should always be powered on, but I’ve yet to remove or blank the physical switch. I’d like to get push notifications if me or the wife accidentally hit the switch, but everything I’ve tried so far also fires when the bulb is set to level 0%.

Any ideas appreciated! Sorry in advance for not browsing through all 5.5k posts! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about #2 since my bulbs seem to automatically power-off when the level is set to 0%, but for #1, you should be able to create a trigger like:

"Bulb Name"
changes to


I’m hoping somebody can assist with my Push Notification piston.

I have a piston setup that pushes a notification to my phone when the smart plug in my garage turns on or off (to let me know the dehumidifier has turned on/off).

This works great, but it also sends the push notification to my wife’s phone as her phone is registered and has the app installed. She has no interest in this particular alert, so I was wondering if there is a way to limit which devices get the notification pushed to? I can’t see the option anywhere.


Regarding #1 that was my first thought, but it just doesn’t seem to fire. The light bulb turns on, is immediately set to 100% and no piston fires. I’ve tested by adding a notification.

Use the Send push notification to contacts. You can choose who gets them


Thanks for the quick response - not sure if I’m just being daft but I can’t see a push notifications to contacts options anywhere? Just the push option that then sends to all?

After rereading your original question, I’m wondering if this a smart bulb which is having its power physically switched on/off via a non-smart switch? If so, I haven’t personally tested something like that.

Ah, that’s exactly the scenario. Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

Quick one. I can set the heatingSetpoint attribute of a thermostat from a variable in a task:

Using Thermostat
Load attribute 'heatingSetpoint' from variable {heatingSetpointHome}

But I can’t figure out how to compare the existing value of a thermostat against a variable in a conditional. I want to do something like this:

if heatingSetpoint > {heatingSetpointMax}

(Comparing against a hard-coded value is not a problem, it’s comparing against a variable.

Many thanks!

What’s your thermostat?

It’s the 2gig CT-100 Z-Wave.

Don’t know if this procedure still works, but way back when, the ST mobile app unofficially supported “My Contacts”. You can read up on it here and give it a shot. There are other earlier threads on this, but I can’t seem to find them:

AFAIK, this is the only way to restrict push notifications to yourself as it adds “Send push notification to contacts” in CoRE — works great if you can get it turned on.


Awesome thanks - managed to get it working via the IDE method and just tested and all behaving itself…

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@elf thank you for the link for adding “My Contacts” – fantastic!

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Is there a guide somewhere that explains what the different colors and icons mean on the dashboard? I’m guessing the letter is piston type, but no idea on the colors of the icons or colors inside the piston definition.

Have you enabled Contacts in your ST app? Settings…

@ady624 will my piston self destruct if I modify the max 600 secs for Fade to maybe 1800 ?


I am new to CoRE and I need some assistance with my first piston.

We have an open floorplan between the kitchen and livingroom. The kitchen lamps are controlled by Fibaro motion sensor.

Current configuration: when light is <150 lux lamps are turned on to 30 %. When someone enters the kitchen between 18.30 and 20.30 the lamps are dimmed up to 70 % and dimmed down again after 2 minutes when there is no movemevent anymore.

This is what I want to accomplish (and where I need your assistance): instead of immediately dimming up to 70 % when there is movement, I would like the motion sensor to wait until it has sensed three movements before the lamps are dimmed up.

Thanks in advance!

Never. It may melt though :wink: try it

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K, I tried to fall asleep within the 600 secs but I had to get up and bathroom… lol I know, TMI :smiley: