CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

So I keep searching this thing, but yet to find it.

Want a rule to alert me if any windows are open and it starts raining. I installed the Weather Station 2 DTH, but can figure out how to use that to get if it is raining or not. Is it even possible?

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Every time I use CoRE is am just more and more WOWED… so my latest, I have CoRE use the Blink cameras and if motion is detected to send my google voice a text which in turn sends me an email… (I sometimes have email, but no phone). Then it takes a picture… so here is the question, can I get CoRE to text me that picture?

I don’t think CoRE has the facility to do that yet… maybe someone knows of the third party app that can work with CoRE on that.

Playing around with some notification options…what’s the difference between Notification and Push Notification? (I know what a Push Notification is, just wondering how CoRE/ST handles the two differently)

I think Notification is the notification inside the ST app… notification tab

…oh. Where I won’t see it unless I go look. That answers that, then.

Ok, I believe I got the basics… now trying to move on to the more advanced.
What I have
both presence senors change to away
then enable Blink cameras…
works great

so how do I add
either presence sensor returns disable the cameras? Part of me thinks that would be another condition… but no, then the then would be different… can I do this with one Piston?


[quote=“jgirvine, post:2110, topic:50187, full:true”]so how do I add

change the piston mode to Latching - it’s right above the first IF - then the BUT IF will reveal itself :slight_smile:

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What am I missing here. I want core to wait till ALL motion sensors are changed to away…but as I read this it will look at either not both. I choose ALL in the options

…feel like I’m doing something wrong with this–the If section shows as true in the app, however, in the dashboard it shows false and no notifications are sending.

Not sure if this is a reading comprehension issue on my part, or I’m actually doing it wrong. Neither would shock me!

I do want it to notify me to shut the windows when it’s greater than 75 degrees outside, any temp sensor is greater than 72 inside, or (the worst) any inside temp sensor hits whatever it is outside. Currently reading 80 outside and 72 on two different sensors, nothing appears to happen.

Use a simple condition instead of triggers. Replace “changes to not present” with “is not present” and “changes to present” with “is present”. Then you can use All.

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Since you’re using “execute on state change only” you need to design the piston to actually flip states once in a while. The ELSE IF is an OR in disguise. If any of the two is true, the piston is true. When both are false, the state flips to false. It seems like you never reach that false state? Try changing the mode to Latching instead of Else If.

…I can also get rid of the state change; I duplicated a similar one I had. In fact, if I do that, the If condition is true, but the piston remains false.

Let me try latching…

I HAD said it still didn’t work, but apparently I spoke too soon; it appears to work now.

Latching is different. State becomes true only when it is already false and the main IF is true. It turns false when it is already true and the BUT IF condition is true. Different :smiley:

…was saying that because it still didn’t look like it was going to do anything. Then the notification actually fired.

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That worked… why is it called “Latching” ? Thanks

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latch - Electronics >>> (of a device) become fixed in a particular state.

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The past few days my “stays on for” events haven’t been triggering, at least not reliably. They seem to fail to occur most of the time right now, although once in a while one will seem to trigger. I’m going to reboot my hub and see if that helps, but are there other ideas & suggestions?

Hi all! Need help here… (ok, I admit it, I haven’t FULLY read this entire thread…)

I’d like to set a piston that based on IFTTT chaging x button, it would change my presence to on/off…

Basically, have my phone’s wifi or bluetooth act as the presence indicator…

how would you guys do it?