CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Yes you can, by riding on the IFTTT implementation. Choose a name for your event, say isy (I picked lower case, pick whatever you want, but be consistent). The URL to execute from the external service is the same as your dashboard, but replace the ending /dashboard with /ifttt/isy (or whatever word you choose). Make sure you send your variable as JSON. Go to CoRE and select the IFTTT capability, you’ll be asked to enter an event name, type in isy (or whatever name you picked, same exact case) and the tick the import variables, optionally entering a prefix for the imported variables - if you enter the prefix isy_ and the external service sends the variable called x then you’ll find your data in the isy_x variable. If you don’t provide a prefix, then look for x

Good luck :slight_smile: