CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Hello I was wondering if somebody could explain the different commands pipes for actions within CoRE such as what “poll” and “refresh” does?

Finally figured it out. I used an or-if with 2 conditions on each part.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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I think the problem with or-if will be that C/D condition will never trigger if A/B is true.

XBOHDPuKC, That will never happen. A, B, C, D are all times. Unless I enter the wrong value then there should never be a conflict. But with my fat fingers I guess it could happen :smile:

Here is the piston that I have setup for dimming the lights (hue bulbs) when watching TV. Sorry, I tried to take a picture from the dashboard using my iphone but it just wouldn’t copy to my pictures. So here is the copy paste:

Watch TV
Else-If v0.3.169.20170104 v0.2.14c.20160908 Wed, Sep 21 2016 @ 7:09 PM EDT Tue, Feb 14 2017 @ 9:14 PM EST
◦ BasementXBMC status is playing
Using Bottom of Stairs, Desk, Stairs, TV Room and Table Light…
► Set color to "Dark Blue"
► Fade level from (not set)% to 5% in 6s
► Set location mode to 'Movie’
◦ BasementXBMC status is paused
Using Bottom of Stairs, Desk, Stairs, TV Room and Table Light…
► Fade level from 5% to 70% in 8s
Using Bottom of Stairs, Desk, Stairs, TV Room and Table Light…
► Set color to "White"
► Fade level from (not set)% to 100% in 6s
Using location…
► Set location mode to ‘Home’

If you need any help, let me know.

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Here is a link to where I posted the piston before.

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Need some help here.

I have a piston that when a sensor opens and the mode is AWAY it starts a time delay, then sets a simulated sensor to open. That works fine.

I have another piston that when the mode is set to HOME it is supposed to set the simulated sensor to close. This one will not work. Any ideas why?


Post pic :), piston pic that is.

Here’s the piston that doesn’t work.

Change it to a Trigger, “changes to”, if the option is available.

Tried that and other options also. Nothing worked.

Tried that. Tried almost all types. Same result.

Maybe it’s the simulated sensor that’s not working, trying Pushing a message first.

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If I want to have a Momentary Button Tile trigger a piston, is the right choice simply to same “If button-name changes”. I presume “changes” catches a press of the momentary button?

I created a few dimming scene pistons with virtual switches as the triggers and added to action to flip the switch back to off at the end since there is no ‘off’ action. Then I had a DOH moment and realized that I could just use a momentary button. :slight_smile:

I have a couple of those simulated buttons and I think I used “changes to pushed”. I use one for a manual Away mode toggle since I don’t need to keep track of the state of the button.

Got it. I didn’t see ‘pushed’ but just on/off. Worried that since I created the trigger with a standard switch, I’m not seeing a momentary state. I might create a new trigger and see if that changes it. Also, you’re just using Momentary Button Tile, not a custom device handler? Thanks.

Finally figured it out. I was using MODE to trigger the Piston. However, for testing I was just setting the alarm using SHM, which doesn’t apparently set the MODE. If I run a routine it sets SHM and sets MODE which then worked.

So I just changed my PISTON to look at SHM instead of MODE and that solved the problem.

All I was trying to do was set an entry delay on one door if the alarm wasn’t disarmed before that door opened. Normally that would never be the case, but when our neighbor comes down to take care of the dog she has to use the keypad which is inside the door.

Thanks for all the help.

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In the IDE, edit your device and change the type to Simulated Button or create a new virtual device, your choice.

Ah Simulated Button. I was staring right at it. Looking for Simulated Momentary Button. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Hi all
I have my lights (Osram) set to 2700 kelvin almost all the time.
If an alert goes off, I set all my lights to 100%.
When I dismissed that alert, then some of my bulbs are set to the color purple.

In CoRE, is there are state trigger like, “When Alert is dismissed, then …”?
So I can create a Piston an conffigure myself what should happen.