CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

When you selected Kitchen device, did you pick it from Contacts or Sensors? I’m not sure it makes a difference but worth trying.

Only makes a difference if not in expert mode. If expert mode is enabled then all capabilities will available.

Does anybody have an idea on why this does not work? It sends the SMS message once while the garage door is still open. It will not continue to send it every so many minutes.

tried remaking the piston using a contact instead of a sensor and now working, thank you

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This is what I do. For my garage door. Or any other contact sensor for that matter. If it’s been open for more than five minutes, it sends me a message. Only once.

Need some help with my pistons. I have pistons that fire when motion is detected to turn on lights during certain times of the day. The screenshots below show my current config for one of them. I need help with one piece of logic. Right now, the light turn on when motion happens and set a local boolean variable called “auto…” on each piston that updates when motion causes the piston to fire. The problem is this: I want to be able to overide the piston when manually using the switch. E.g. Lights turn on automatically, when leaving the room I hit the switch and the lights stay off. Right now, the motion sensors read “motion active” as I leave the room, thus having to wait the entire set period for them to turn off automatically. Any ideas on how I can resolve this? I was considering introducing another piston that changes the “auto…” variable (I would make the local variable global) when the switch is manually used but I can’t seem to find a variable that describes “manually” setting a switch.

Thanks in advance for the help!

If core is not working and trying to get into the app gives me a spinning wheel of death but doesnt take me into the app am i screwed?

Having an issue opening two different PISTON:

Most everything in CoRE is working without issue. I hadn’t even noticed a problem. But today I went into one of the pistons to edit it to do something slightly different, but while opening it, I got an error: “You are not Authorized to Perform the Requested Action” and the only thing that shows up is the big red REMOVE button.

When going to the dashboard, I can see runtime statistics for the piston, but can’t see the actual piston when clicking on it, just the spinning gear.

When enabling logs for it and watching the IDE, I get an error when I try to open the Piston from CoRE:

12:50:43 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘count’ on null object @ line 9387

Line 9387 of CoRE is this: “def subDevices = capability.count && attr && ( == capability.attribute) ? buildNameList(condition.sdev, “or”) + " " : “”” but unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with this information.

Thanks in advance

I can’t even get into my core setup via smart apps. Are others having trouble with core ? None of them are firing

Same here and havent been for at least a few days

not really sure how to fix it. have reset smarttings. really don’t want to set it all up again :frowning:

Latest version of CoRE?

that’ll do it! thanks - upgraded and can access core. hopefully the pistons are still working.

Ill try when i get home as well

I have a device handler that has these items listed:

Device Handler Current States

switch: off
button: pushed
washerWatts: 0 watts
dryerWatts: 5 watts
washerState: off
dryerState: off

I’m able to access the switch, and button values. I need to access the washerState and later once I have washer Piston running I’ll move to dryerState. Can I get some help/guidance with how to access the washerState value from the device handler and not the value of my global/local washerState?

Is this possible with CoRE? If so what am I doing wrong?

I have tried using global variable set to @washerState = on and then I tried washerState = on with local scope.

Silly question… How do you export the IF THEN to look like your screenshot instead of taking a screenshot of the phone app GUI?

Go to dashboard within your CoRE app and click on the top-right vertical dots and you’ll see screenshot option . You only see the dashboard if you have done OAuth on graph ide

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Got it, thanks!

You might be able to pull off those values from the Sensor capability.

Any idea why this isn’t working? I know my IF condition is working as it will trigger other actions. It’s just the web request that isn’t going through. The same settings work when initiated by IFTTT. It makes me suspect the JSON body is not being formatted properly.

For the action, I set the variable “entity_id” to string variable “light.bed_lamp_2”. Then make the web request. I see the button press happening in live logging but I don’t see any thing else happening. I wish there was a way to manually input a raw JSON body, rather than only rely on variables.