CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Thanks, this ones been trying my patience for a while. I’ll figure something else out.

Great work by the way, thanks again.

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I tried using both my machine’s DNS name, and its IP address, which is a class C private address(192.168.x.x). I just checked the simulation, and according to that it is running the “httpRequest” command, which from what I read is ran locally, so the IP should be reachable.

Hi All,

Im noticing some lag with some of my rules that turn on lights on motion, configured via CoRE. It seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks… how do thse runtime stats look?

thanks for help in advance.


the actual rule…

I need help using a web request. I’m using /execute/pistonname. The piston is activated in the dashboard but does not perform the tasks. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? Can someone confirm this works for them?

One thought… This might not have anything to do with it, but different smart things accounts are on different shards, which means you have to use different URLs to make things work.

Right now at the time of this writing there are three different shards.

If your account with SmartThings with set up prior to November 2015, you are probably on NA01.

If your account with smartthings was set up after that and you have a US frequency hub, you are probably on NA02

And if you are in the UK, you are probably on Eu01

More about this in the following thread, but I just wondered if this might have anything to do with what you’re seeing. Just a thought.

Any chance that you are using URLs for a different shard?

Hello, I need some assistance. I am trying to setup a piston for my stairs. I have a motion sensor at the top and one at the bottom. I am looking to create a piston that will turn on the lights when either senses motion and turn off when both are inactive for 2 minutes. I can get the lights to turn on, but cannot get them to turn off. Can someone please help me with this?

This must have been asked a billion times but google just takes me to topics outside of CORE functionality. I have a piston set up to turn different lights on in my office at different dim levels (something I couldn’t accomplish in smart lighting which automates all of my other lighting). My question is, how do I get these lights to turn off after motion has stopped after X minutes. This is easily done in smart lighting, but not sure how to accomplish this in CORE. I set an else if motion has not been inactive for X amount of time turn lights off, but I feel like the else will never go off because the If hasn’t triggered. Do I just need to create another piston to turn things off?

@JDRoberts Hope you don’t mind me tagging you but you seem to be really helpful and active

There is an example in the core samples wiki. Check if that helps, if not, post back and we’ll try and figure it out.

Post a pic of your piston so we can check it out.

Here you go.

What about something like this…

● Any of sim Motion1 or sim Motion2 motion changes to active
Using sim SW3...
► Turn on
◦ Each of sim Motion1 or sim Motion2 motion is inactive
Cancel on piston state change
Using sim SW3...
► Wait 4 minutes
► Turn off

How to take a picture of a piston.
Open CoRE from the SmartApps menu.
Click on CoRE Dashboard (located at the top of app when you first open)
At the very bottom of the dashboard is the URL for the Dashboard Link that you can paste in your browser.
OAuth must be enabled for CoRE for this to work. Please see
With the dashboard URL open in your browser, find and click the piston you want to share.
Click the three vertical dots on the right then click the Camera icon.
Right click on the image the pops up then save the image.

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In the but if section, changes the two sensors from “changes to” to “is inactive” this will work just fine.

Also, choose the “cancel on piston state change” so that the lights do not go off if someone is on the stairs.

Edit… Or what @eibyer said lol

Try something like this.

Is this just a basic piston, could you possibly show me how it would look in core. I am a newbie and am trying to muddle thru this. I like the idea of the cancel on state change, that is one of the issues I am having.

OK I changed it to latching and will see if that works. Thanks for the help!

That is a latching piston, same one you have started, just edit it.

So this morning this was the first time this was to run, The time was 7:30am to 9am, all the conditions were met, it was between 7:30am and 9am the bathroom door was closed and the temp was below 69, however it did not turn on the bathroom plug until 8am, 30 minutes late, what would be the reason why a piston does not start at the exact time of 7:30am? I changed the time to 6;30 am now so that it will for sure start by 7am but trying to determine why pistons do not execute immediately, or in this case this one.

Was the temp condition (under 69 for 1 min) met at 630am?

@eibyer yes all conditions were met, and i changed the time to 6:30 when i woke up after I saw it did not kick off until 8am.
here are 2 images showing the temps at what time, and also the plug and time it kicked on