CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Could you please elaborate on your setup? I added a variable condition and then action to the piston but am unsure of how to create the task timer to reset the variable. Thanks for your help and quick response.

Something like this, you can use a boolean var instead of how I use a string.

● Aeon Multisensor LR illuminance raises to or above 5lux
◦ Variable {luxTriggered} (as string) is off
When true...
Using Dining Room Hue and Living Room Hue...
► Turn off
► Send Push notification 'Indoor Lights Off'
► Set string variable {luxTriggered} = "on"
► Wait 12 hours
► Set string variable {luxTriggered} = "off"

I’m trying to set up a Piston to turn on lights when either me or my wife gets back after dark, but only if that person was away for more than 15 minutes.
Can figure out how to do the 15 minutes part for just the person who arrived.

@ady624 Should my IDE showing the core have the (dev) behind it. Could this be my problem. I saw several other screen shots that didn’t have it.

Having an error when trying to edit or create a new CoRE Piston. Seems to have started happening after i updated the app on Android to the latest version. I’m getting an error, you are not authorized. Is anyone else having this problem. Also how can I fix this without having to manually recreate all my pistons.

Android users are reporting issues with CoRE after updating the ST app to v2.2.2. Read more in the following post:

same here :joy_cat:


Just loaded CoRE tonight to start my automation efforts in earnest. I crafted a simple pistone for unlocking my front door but would like to make it more sophisticated for security reasons.

The current logic is this:
IF these times on these days
AND (IF presence sensor changes to present FOLLOWED BY front door motion sensor activated)
THEN unlock the front door

How can I add the logic to say "IF presence sensor changes to present FOLLOWED BY front door motion sensor activated within 5 minutes of presence status change, THEN unlock door?

I am trying to use the core and set basic. i was getting error you are not authorized to perform the requested operations.

this is the first time i am trying

That’s to be expected if your hub just updated to 2.2.2 and you’re running on Android (see jkp’s post a few up). My hub just now upgraded after creating my first piston so not only can I not try tatonvn’s suggestion, my piston is gone :frowning:

I installed CoRE, and I tried to set up my first piston, and I keep getting a message that says “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation”

What did I do wrong?

If you’re on Android, see posts above about the ST 2.2.2 release breaking CoRE on Android.

Here’s the older version if yout want to roll back.

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@ady624, @eibyer Were you able to take a look at internal web requests using “Make web request”? I have tried every conceivable way to send JSON PUT commands to my philips hue bridge with no success. The command shows as executed in CoRE simulator and ST logging, but nothing happens on the server end. Thanks for any tips, guidance, or response… Please let me know if I can provide anything to help with this issue.

Have not seen new version to test it out. Adrian must be busy putting his Christmas lights up :slight_smile:


Hello, first time user here and I’m unable to make a piston at all and receive the “Not authorized” message much like @FusionDawg. I have OAuth enabled and the install seemed to work fine. I’m using Android on a Nexus 6p if that matters.

I am a long time Tasker user and am looking to move my automation to ST but so far have been feeling extremely limited by it’s abilities and was hoping CoRE was the answer so I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks for any info,

Check your version number. There was an issue with the latest android version 2.2.2. There’s a link a couple of posts up for the older version.

After trying to create my first piston, the cursor blinks a few time and then nothing happens. I went to IDE and looked and it creates a core listing ( see my post above for picture) I looked at the events and the error I see is

“Installed smart app ‘null’ created”

Does anyone know how to fix this. I’m totally lost.
I have uninstalled core 3 or 4 times and uninstalled github once, even unpluged my hub for 10 minutes. Reinstalled everything and still doesn’t work.

I’ve seen your posts about your issue and this is the first time I’ve seen that kind of problem. To recap, what version of the app are you using and on what platform (android or ios)?

Windows 10, Core version is 3.162 and I’m using IOS (Iphone6) any help would be much appreciated.