CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

ST phone presence has always worked flawlessly for me…

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I had is drop off then come back when the phone remained at home. Could be the phone and not ST.

Life360 and fobs using my Reliable Presence app.

Both have been reliable except my fobs went crazy one night. Just once.

I will have to check our your reliable presence app, probably a far better version of what I am doing with CoRE variables.

I have to ask though… you have a reliable presence app but say the fobs are reliable???

Grant it, I don’t know what the reliable presence app does yet… but dare I wonder about cognitive dissonance? :wink:

Life360 has been great for me. I don’t use the ST presence, per se, just the life360 connect app in st. No problems


It lets me ignore battery or people forgetting their fob problems mostly…

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Prefer the original color.

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I like it better.

Like it better.

BTW, what does “Time is any time of day” do for you in that piston?

There was a time range initially and then I just decided to test it at any time. Did not want to remove it so that I can readd it later if I needed to.

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My kitchen is pretty dim even at day time, so I have the lights turn on on motion and stay on for one minute after motion stops, at which time it dims the lights a bit (a bit more, my LED ceiling spots look the same at 100% and 75% lol) and then turn them off 15 seconds later if motion does not reoccur. The variable is there to ensure that if I manually turn on the lights, they stay on until I manually turn them back off.

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can someone please walk me through simple instructions to achieve a light switch automation, activated by motion, and turns off after X-minutes provided that no motion has been identified, with timer resetting itself automatically if motion is detected to keep light on.
Thank tou

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I am looking to setup a piston to monitor the state of my locks 5 minutes after the house is put into a specific mode. Basically, my SimpliSafe alarm is enabled by me putting the house into Sleep mode. Occasionally, for whatever reason, it doesn’t arm the alarm and I would like to be notified via a light coming on in my bedroom closet 5 minutes after I put the house into sleep mode. I can tell if the SimpliSafe alarm is armed by it’s lock state (locked =on, unlocked=off).

On the then… Choose using time/date… Then under actions choose wait five minutes as the first thing.

Thanks. I had to chnange to a Then-If Piston. Let’s see how this works tonight :slight_smile:

If i create a Piston to send me a text when the outside temp is greater than the inside temp, how do I tell it to stop texting me that. Didn’t even realize it would just keep happening.


Show us the piston you have first.

Here’s a crazy tricky idea of an else-if piston…

  Location changes to desired_mode
  Follow up with same piston in 5 minutes

   Location mode is desired_mode
   (additional conditions to check whatever it is you want to check)
   (whatever actions needed)

Let me know if that works :wink:

It relies ln the fact that the follow up will be a time event, thus evaluating false and forcing the else if to evaluate :slight_smile: the first mode condition in the else if is there to ensure this won’t do anything when changing to modes other than the desired_mode

Execute the action only on piston state change. Then the temp outside would have to dip before it goes higher again

Ahhh…thanks. I thought there would be a standard ‘stop’ trick. Here is what I have now.