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I’m trying to do a similar piston for lighting when away for evening or on holiday

When on holiday the piston can be similar to above, but if we’re only out for evening and come back before the ‘end’ time. How would i do it so when we return home, selected lights stay on, if on, or switch on, if off, (i.e. entrance hall) and all other selected lights switch off. Would then need to revert back to other light control pistons??

I use Holiday modes(day,evening & night) and Away modes(day,evening) and Home modes (day, evening, night)

The piston below is not yet finished. You can ignore the variables as I was playing around with trying to get more randomness into the piston.

This is what i have so far. I was going to put a ‘when true’ section under each of the 3 groups with 3 different lighting schedules to add more randomness. I just cant get my head around the else section as would it affect pistons I already have set up for light control.

Do i need to switch on ‘only execute on piston state change’ for the else action?