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CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)


(Pavlos) #128

Firstly, thank you very much for creating this guide.

I followed all the steps here:

but unfortunately I am not able to fine CoRE in the automation/marketplace on my ST app. Any advice?

I also noticed that I have CoRE twice, one black one green color… could this be the problem?

(Pavlos) #129

So I have been looking in to this for the past few hours. It seems that CoRE does not work with the UK version of the ST? Can anybody confirm this? The above screen shot is from the US site, but for UK users there is a different site. I could not understand why I could not find the “integrate with github” button when I log into the UK site, but somebody told me in an online forum that it may not work?

(James Yeo) #130

I believe I had seen that the integration does work with the UK now… I’m almost certain I saw someone post a guide regarding that. Sorry I’m not more helpful on that front, hopefully a little searching can help you.

But before you get too far into it at all, you may also want to do some looking at webCoRE… CoRE grew up! WebCoRE is the big brother to CoRE with a nice web interface, etc. You can search around this site, but webCoRE also has it’s own forum at – and now that I think about it, they have an area on that site for the old version of CoRE - somebody over there may also be able to help you with UK IDE github integrayion.

(Scott Ainsworth) #131

I would also recommend webcore (much better). However, I think I ran into the issue you are having. I have multiple devices and accounts with my hub. If I remember correctly I could not add an app from any device that was not using my primary account.

(Ben) #132

Hello, I have lights set up to turn on with a motion sensor and turn off when there is no motion. However, I would like the lights to stay on until I turn them off if I use Alexa to manually turn them on. Is there a way to use CORE to set them up this way?

(jkp) #133

You should be able to do this with webCoRE. You should check out the webcore community forum for example pistons and ask the folks on best way to accomplish this :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks! Not trivial to get started at all.

Could you add an extra step in between 1) and 2)? After logging into, click on “My Locations”, then your location name (mine is “Home”). Evidently there are multiple websites depending on world location and how many hubs they’ve sold. For example, clicking on “Home” takes me to Only then can I follow the rest of the instructions and have it work. Before I did this step, everything appeared to work, but the CoRe smartapp never showed up on phone until I followed the link to my own special website.

This additional step should also be added to the wiki under “CoRe smartapp installation”, but I don’t have a login to request it. Maybe someone else could?


(jkp) #135

The link should be used

(Mario Boza) #136

I got CoRE installed on my phone but the pistons seem way above my comprehension. Can someone guide me on how to set an auto lock when the door sensor is open for X amount of seconds to lock the door?



Ok, very dumb question here…

What is the difference between core and webcore? I just started trying core and just now realized that it may be outdated/older now.

Also, when I look in the IDE, the smartapp “ady624 Core” shows in bright red font. All other smartapps are green. Does that indicate a problem?

(Bryan) #138

You are correct in that webCore is newer than Core. Core will still work, but if you are just getting started, you should probably start learning webCore. There is a very strong community board to provide support.

(jkp) #139


Both the IDE version and repository version have been updated, and are in need of a conflict resolution. To resolve this, you should click the Update from Repo button and follow the steps there

(Fernando Herrera) #140

I have my garage open auto open when I get close to the home using proximity sensor on my phone. But some times I must open it using the app due to what ever. then I close it and get in the home. Then the garage reopens on its own thinking that I am now home. How do I set it up to only open once with in a 10 min period so it does not reopen. if i do it manually thru the app or auto.

Thank you

(Amauri Viguera) #141

You’re probably better off posting your question – along with a screenshot of the piston – to the WebCore forums.

My guess is that you have your piston set to open the garage automatically when you arrive. When there’s a delay in reporting your arrival, the door doesn’t open automatically. Then your device reports that it arrived (which could be much later) and the piston does what you told it and opens the door.

It’s possible to set up conditions in the piston where you can have the door open only if it hasn’t been opened in the last 10 minutes, which should take care of it.