CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)

Well, the way I think of CoRE is more like the HAL9000 computer (or really any scifi movie where the computer controls the workings of the spaceship). So most of my pistons are created to do things without me “stating” what I want with button presses, etc.

There are some I have that “sense” what I want done, for example turning on a light in a room when it’s dark and I walk in (motion sensor, etc.).

However, for something like a “watching movies activity” (if you think of it that way) you may want to just set up a routine. @JDRoberts has a nice explanation of modes and routines in this post…

The Tap piston sounds cool, never heard of that one. @eibyer is that the “DO” one? And if so, how would you set it up to be on the ST dashboard?