Core error saving page

I have been using CoRE since last summer and have loved it however lately when i create a new piston and try to save it i get one of two errors. Most of the time it just says “error saving page” I have gotten an authorization error a few times but not real recently so I dont recall the actual error. This started happening before the Core update last December. I have updated Core since and it seems to be getting worse. If I let it error out enough times it will normally end up saving but any change I make I have to save 5-10 times before it actually saves. I’m not sure what to try next. It happens on my android and my wifes iphone. Any help would be appreciated


I just ran live logging and came up with this error when I try to save the pistion. Does anybody know what might be causing this?

You should really consider switching to WebCORE.

Thank You! I didnt know that was the new rule engine to use. I’m assuming I have to create all my pistons again?

Unfortunately, you would need to recreate each piston in WC. There is no import tool since there are major changes between the two. But you will definitely enjoy the new WC. It can do so much more than the older core

Yeah, I have already started recreating but doing it on my laptop is much nicer than the phone so I am already liking it. Unfortunately I have a lot of rebuilding to do but it looks like it will be worth it. Thank you again for informing me of this. I really appreciate it

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Sorry, another question, I used to have follow up pistons but I dont see that option. Is there a different way to do this in webCoRe?

you mean execute another piston or routine?

I see that part but I dont want the follow up piston to run unless told to by another piston. Hopefully that makes sense. In CoRE There were different types of pistons: basic, follow-up, simple, latching etc. I am looking for the equivalent of “follow up”

head over to the webcore community forum and post your question. One of the many minions will be able to supply you with the info you need :slight_smile:

will do thanks!