CoRE - Door knocker piston with Sonos notification

Right, this should be a simple operation but can’t seem to create a piston to do what I want. What I am trying to achieve is to initiate a media notification on my sonos to notify that there has been a knock at the front door. I have used the Door Knocker smartapp however it is only limited to push notification or text message. Can anyone provide any guidance? I have trawled through the forum and can’t find anything in relation to doing this with Core.

I created a custom rule in SHM to receive a bell sound notification on Sonos when acceleration was detected along with a push notification and the used CoRE for a verbal notification when someone is at the door. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for your response.

Do you not find though with this logic that the actions are initiated when the door is opened or closed, resulting from falsely triggering the acceleration sensor?

In my case I have a multipurpose sensor on top of the housing of my doorbell. The contact sensor is there but it never opens or closes.

Well I think I’ve solved it. The following works for me. May be of some help for other people.

Did this work for you? I’m trying to achieve something very similar, only I’d like to use a bell as the notification through the sonos

Yes, works for me.