CoRE capture() / recordClip() with ARLO wireless camera

It’s an API limitation unfortunately.

We should be able to trigger record from webCoRE though right?

I’m not sure, @twack might be able to provide more information.

I believe CoRE/WebCoRE filters for devices with the capability “Video
Capture”. If this is true, Arlo cameras will not be able to be picked
because they do not currently support that capability. We are working with
Netgear/Arlo to implement this feature in the future. No time table at this
time though.

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thanks for the feedback

is there another capability core could use to get video recording working? thanks again!

for those on this thread - I decided just now to test, I tried recordclip, no matter what type of parameter or the value, it seems to record a 30 second clip, so that’s progress. capture didn’t do anything as far as I can tell, as I may have mentioned on another thread, one of the things thats interesting that no matter how recording is triggered (arlo/ifftt etc, the camera “motion” changes to active)

also it seems recordclip REQUIRES a parameter for recording to work, any number, but without a parameter the camera does not record, go figure

Thank you for the info. I’m not seeing record clip though, can you post your piston? Thanks again!

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I hope this isn’t based on some BS like at what point I authorized ST to work with arlo

I mentioned in another thread, I need to spend way more time with SHM, it also has the capability to do 2 minute clips

Update, recordclip is only visible if one of the cameras you pick is an arlo pro ! if you select nothing but regular arlo hd cams it is no longer on the dropdown, and in either case does nothing for a regular arlo

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Thank you for the info!

I am new to CoRE and just set up an Arlo Pro and two Arlo Qs. Rather than finding the Arlo’s under cameras I found them under action for control any device/select wireless devices. I set up pistons to RecordClip based on a door contact changing to open. So far so good and it seems to work reliably.

It there a way in CoRE to change the duration go the clip. The clips are always 30 seconds regardless of what I put in the parameter value for record clip.


I was going to ask the same thing

I have messed around with this quite a bit and have had no luck going beyond 30 seconds - the API integration allows for up to 2 minutes in theory (via SHM) - stringify also allows for 2 minutes - but strangely ifttt limits to 60 seconds… I don’t know how much of SHM webcore can EVER have access to but that would be cool down the road as it does all sorts of interesting things that other smart apps samsung doesn’t I guess allow access to.

I’ve just started working with webCoRE and am really impressed! Really encouraged by the flexibility of the platform – however I can’t get recordClip to come up in my command list for my Arlo Pros. I’ve added all my Arlo Pros using any/all device types that they show up as, but so far nothing. Do I need to add them only as Wireless Devices (the last device type in the list)?

My choices go right from “emulated Randtom toggle” to “device Refresh.”

This is what I have that kind works. The 300 is where I was playing around trying to get clips more than 30 seconds

Do you still have recordclip() option available? Been using your method for several weeks, but seems to have disappeared again. I do have have Pro cameras.

I decided to go a different direction, but I just confirmed, it’s gone on webcore for me

so two things as a side note, 1 - I randomly ran into this amazing smart app for my purposes: Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) 2.1.0 release

really just for aggregating motion to turn down overall notifications - the other thing I went back to - is in the arlo app itself you can have a camera’s motion trigger recording on a different camera as well as itself - this, combining with disabling all notifications direct from arlo itself is what I’m doing now (email to dummy email address)

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If it is a physical (or virtual) device type that is supported by SHM you can use a custom SHM routine to trigger the recording, no CoRE/webCoRE piston needed. Of course you can always use webCoRE to trigger other actions if you create a piston to monitor the device for state changes.

For anyone interested:
My use case is to create a manual recording tile in ActionTiles (AT). I created a virtual switch which could be toggled in AT and a virtual contact sensor. A piston monitors the state of the virtual switch and when it turns ON it sets the virtual contact sensor to OPEN which triggers the SHM routine. Two devices are needed because SHM routines do not trigger from switches. After waiting the recording time specified in the SHM routine the piston sets the contact sensor to CLOSED and turns the switch OFF. The wait time is cosmetic and functional. I want the tile (in AT) to give me a visual indication of when the recording ends by indicating it is off and reset the contact sensor to be triggered again.

Any ideas on improvement welcomed.