CoRE - Can a piston be canceled on switch activation?

Hey guys,

Got up and running with CoRE on my SmartThings hub today. I was amazed at how fast and efficient it is to automate with CoRE without having to figure out groovy!

The Problem:
Right now I have two zones in my house Bathroom and Kitchen that require the same light automation. When motion is detected turn on lights, when no motion is detected turn off lights after a period of time and cancel the piston if the light switch is touched.

In my Bathroom there is no where to put the motion sensor where it gets full coverage and often the lights shut off while someone is in the shower. Also sometimes we like to leave the kitchen lights even when no one is in it because of how my house is structured. Below is what I have so far, if anyone knew of a way to cancel or interrupt the piston on switch activation it would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, scroll down on your THEN statements and you will see Task Cancelation Policy (TCP). Select cancel on condition or piston state change.

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