CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

Speaking of capture and recall…

Somewhere in this massive thread there is capture previous state and restore I think?

I need to so so for a smart bulb to dim up from on or to set level from off and then either back to previous level or back to off.

Can someone point me to where I could find this, please?

Do you have any device that can take three axis commands?!

Hi Adrian,

CoRE just crapped out on me and now I cannot log into ST at all, not can I access the CoRE dashboard. I was editing a Piston just before it happened and I got a “Unable to save…” error. Can you take a look at it?

Maybe it’s an ST problem? Wait it out ;))

Yes, I will. I just so paranoid sometimes.:sweat_smile:

Thanks. I don’t think I can live one minute without CoRE now :grin:


The SmartThings multipurpose sensor can. It’s what people use for the mood cube, for example because it can detect its own orientation in space when rotated about.

Also, FYI I was on CoRE .83xx and updated to the newest code from github (.86xx), and ended up losing all my pistons. Basically, as soon as I updated from github I noticed some of my automations weren’t firing. I logged into the SmartThings app and CoRE wasn’t in the installed apps section, but was in my apps to install from scratch. I installed it from scratch and none of my pistons made it :frowning:


I seem to recall reading that you fixed the Dashboard ordering of things to match the Piston. Tonight I am still seeing some things out of order

In my Piston, I have Using Light turn on, set level 60%
In the Dashboard, it show the set level first

Am I not remembering correctly?
Thanks, Rick

Hey Rick,
You probably want the Set Level to be first. If you have the light turn on and the set level, your lights may come on at 100% and then change to 30%… if “set level” is first then the light comes on at the level you want.

Fellow CoRE Enthusiast!

Introducing a new thread, just for you!!!



I am working on adding “when false” actions and have done changes to the endpoint response, but not the dashboard yet.

Sorry to hear that. Do you use copy/paste to upgrade?! You are the first to report that. There was someone else who had an encoding issue, but recopied and repasted and fixed it.

The sensor outputs an attribute. But I don’t know of any device that can take a command. i.e. have CoRE make the device move to a certain xyz position.

Didn’t use copy paste, did github upgrade. Wasn’t a huge deal to put it all back together, and it let me rethink some of my Pistons.

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I was thinking of using the three axis input as an if, to trigger commands.

So if orientation of sensor = value 1, then do action.

The goal would be to replace the outdated, buggy mood cube smart app with a core piston.

Yes, as input, but someone was somehow pairing the xyz with capture/restore, which prompted my question about any device being able to take an xyz parameter in any command… I am thinking maybe 360 cameras?

Thanks Jason for this. While I have not seen the behavior you indicate, I can certainly see your point.


@blebson I got the contacts working. Turns out I had a contact that only had a last name and a phone number. This was making the “contact” input take forever to display. Not timeout after 20s, not even after 40s, just wait indefinitely. When I opened Joe it said he was missing the first name (whoaaaat?) as Joe appeared to be the last name (Doe was gone). I also had to pick phone type and country. After that I was able to use the “contact” input. @slagle

I also found out that the contacts are saved in a list of Contact wrappers, meaning any attempt to save those to state failed silently. Error displaying page in the UI, no error in the logs. Same happens if you try to save an event or a device in the state. Fixed that too and now I am able to select contacts. I can’t really find out how to enable Push for those, like it shows in the documentation. Seems to allow SMS only, and I can’t find see the SMS and Push checkboxes like in the documentation. Also, I confirm the [event: false] not working.

You get push if you add an email that is already linked to your SmartThings Account (or is authorized to that smartthings account).

The scheduled OFF kicked in tonight so I went into the IDE to check if it rescheduled for tomorrow, Scheduled Jobs was empty. I went back into the piston and hit Done to see what it will schedule and this is the entry in Scheduled Jobs. Only one scheduled job even when first initialized.