CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

Is it possible to include variables as text in a notification or SMS in order to get richer information delivered? This isn’t quite a complete piston, but for example, I’d like the notification to tell me WHY it’s recommending I close my windows:

Yes, you can include variables in your notifications.

Thanks! I must have futzed something up the first time I tried.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if the following exists/possible.

For my chicken coop I had to remove the door sensor because for some reason when the chickens would walk past it, it would register as closed then it throws my whole Piston into a fit because it thinks the door is closed and then it turns on the motor and opens it and yada yada. So instead I added a variable to the piston and it sets it to false in the morning when it opens it and then sets it to true at night when it closes the door.

So here is what I would like to do. Does a virtual door sensor exist?

If it does exist have the virtual door sensor status reflect the variable. Currently its a local variable just for that piston but I can always delete that variable and change it to a global one so it can work across the board. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Thanks.

You can create a virtual device in the IDE and for the type use Simulated Contact Sensor, if that’s what you’re asking :slight_smile: Or just create a global variable like you said.

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I bet this would do exactly what you need…

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Thank you both @eibyer and @bamarayne I ended up creating the simulated contact sensor and then created an Or-If piston using the global variable. So I have DoorStatusGlobal and the piston says if its True set the contact sensor to close Or If DoorStatusGlobal is false then set it to open. Simulated it and worked like a champ. Thank you both for your help. I’m starting to venture into the advanced section a little more with CORE :slight_smile: and with Ask Alexa it will be nice to find out the status of the door to ensure my piston did run. Of course it doesn’t mean the door is actually closed but will be nice.

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@ady624 no idea or info how I can delete a corrupted piston? Any debugging mode or the IDE which could help? Any ideas are very appreciated. I could pause the piston using the dashboard but not sure if it is really paused or why I have no access to the piston to delete it.


Look in the IDE under Locations, You’ll see Edit on the right hand side, scroll down and find your piston and then click Uninstall. See if that helps.

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Yeah, what @eibyer said :wink:

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Ok, back to the turkey… :smiley:

@eibyer and @ady624 Thanks for your response. Maybe I had too much Turkey. But I don’t see what you mentioned. I’m looking in IDE but can’t find anything to uninstall CoRE pistons :joy_cat:

Maybe I should also go back to the Turkey and eat more…

Trying not to steal anybodies thunder as you are all eating your Turkey in the US.
IDE -> Locations.

Click on List SmartApps.

Click on edit.

Go to your SmartApp and uninstall it.
EDIT: Oh and then click on Done at the top of the page.

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US has Turkey on its plate today. Fair enough.

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Now I found it, Thanks…

Now I can enjoy Thanksgiving much more…:slight_smile:

Thanks, found it now and could uninstall. Thanks for the help! Never looked into this menu.

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Is there any way I can make my piston not run if it’s public holiday? I couldn’t find any such holiday information in capability list. Is there anything like that?

I need a bit of help. I’m looking to do something similar to the “Doggie Door”. Basically this.

If “Contact” “MB Door” changes to OPEN AND mode is “Night”, turn on the Upstairs Hall light for 5 minutes. When i open the door a second time i don’t want the upstairs hall light to come on again. Then done.

This allows somebody to come out the door and have light, but when they return i don’t need the rule kicking on again.

Use a latching piston or simply use a toggle…

   Door changes to open
Using light...
   > Toggle

The issue is getting the “on first open” turn on the light. On second opening if the light is on, leave on. Then on second closing turn off the light.

I can’t figure out the multiple “When True” part from the examples. I

[] ady624
November 29

Use a latching piston or simply use a toggle…

Door changes to open
Using light…