Copy App to Another Thing

I made an app for a multi that turns on a light when a door opens. I want to add another multi to another door in the same room and have it use the same app. If I combine them both into a group, will they both use the existing app?


When you say “I made an app”, did you code an app up or did you install a SmartApp from within the ST app on your phone? If the latter, then you can simply install another instance of the same SmartApp. You can even name them differently. This works - I do it on my Home hub.


Jim I mean I installed an ST app. I thought if I combine the 2 multi’s into a group that they would share the same app, but I guess I’ll need to duplicate it for both multi’s (door sensors).

@tonyfalcone – If you log in to the IDE, make a new app, then use the template for the SmartThings app you’re currently using, you can do exactly what you want. You would need to add a “multiple:true” to the line item you want.

example: input name: “switches”, type: “capability.switch”, multiple: true
(just use the “, multiple: true”)

Just make sure you save and publish the app to your repository to install/use.

Not sure about the group option, but whatever works best for you!

Good luck!

That’s beyond my skill set John but thanks.

It’s not beyond your skill set, AJF. It’s just cut and paste. Watch the 3 intro videos at and you’ll be ready to give it a go. Worked for me, and I’m not a programmer.

Wow thanks Dave! I’ll give it a shot.