Coordinating Multiple sensors?

So I have a sensor to turn on my lights in the living room for 1 minute (so if I’m just going to the kitchen they turn off) I have a separate sensor in the living room, next to the sofa that’s set to 20 minutes (so that if I’m sat on the sofa, they stay in indefinitely, or turn off when I pass out :joy:) the first sensor is before the second longer sensor, when I walk in to the living room it trips the first shorter sensor and then I sit on the sofa but it always stops the first sensor and turns off the lights and then when in the sofa, I have to waggle my legs to get the 20 min one to turn in. Is there a way round this so they work seamlessly? Thanks :pray:

What are you using to control the light? SmartLighting?

Using webCoRE:

If short motion changes to active
Long motion is inactive
Wait x minutes (short time)
Turn Off

If long motion changes to active
Wait x minutes (long time)
Turn Off

This is actually the first time I’ve ever heard of webcore, is it just like making rules using the smartthings app it is it a bit harder than that? Thabks!

What do you mean by “making rules using the smartthings app”? Are you talking classic or Samsung Connect?

Yes, it’s a rule engine and it’s the best. Head over to the webCoRE Community Forum for install instructions and tutorials.