Cooper RF9500 code?

I’ve found some code that kind of works… It’s a device handler called “thegilbertchan : Cooper RF9500 (all buttons)”. Using it, the dimmers power the light on/off, but the main button does nothing. And there is no dimming to speak of.
I was also looking into the “ST-Cooper-RF9500-Beast” code, but get error messages upon saving.

Has anyone developed new code for this controller?

I’ve been using @thegilbertchan’s device handler for years.

Which smartapp are you using to tie a button press to an action?

Hi Mark. I’m using the Button Controller.

Maybe worth noting: I did change the device type to “Cooper RF9500.”

I maintain the ST-Cooper-RF9500-Beast DH and have about 15 of the devices. What exactly is your issue with saving?

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Most likely user error, but this is the error message I get:

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script_dth_metadata_202d3fa8_5186_40af_9f7b_1339c7301a9a: 33: expecting ‘}’, found ‘,’ @ line 33, column 27.
32 input “constrain”, “bool”, title: “Enforce Dimmer Constraints?”, description: “Yes if you want your dimmer to stay between 0 & 100, No if you don’t. Selecting No removes the requirement to sync your dimmers.”, required: true, defaultValue: true

1 error

I assume this is Device Handler code (as opposed to SmartApp code), correct?

I’m using the code published here:

Are you using github integration or copying and pasting the code? Are you sure you are doing it correctly? I just tested it again and it worked fine for me. If pasting, are you using the raw text?

I was copying/pasting raw code. I just now used the code in the link you sent and had no errors. What should be done from here? Do you hook it up to the “Button Controller” within the app? I did change the device type to “Cooper RF9500 Beast” but not having any luck with the remote.

I’ve never used that app. I use…

Ok, that’s well over my head. I do appreciate the help though!

Do you know how to install SmartApps?

Yes, I believe so. Roughly the same way I’d create a device handler, right? Go to the SmartApp link and create from code?

Ok, I used that code for a new SmartApp and it saved/published without any issues. When my device type was “Cooper RF9500 Beast,” it didn’t do anything. When I switched the device type to “Cooper RF9500 Stock” it turned on the light, but the light went up and down in brightness by itself and I couldn’t shut it off, even with it’s own controller. I ended-up having to exclude both devices from my hub to be able to shut the light off. Is there a different Type I should be using?

These versions (device handler + SmartApp) mentioned are buggy… you can trace, deubg and submit the error to the developers but they haven’t been active for few years.

I will try to use the standard DH with Group Association feature.