Cooper Aspire Scene Controller RFWC5 and RFWC5D Device Handler [beta release]

Thanks any thing you can learn may be of help.
Thank you for chiming in on this discussion. It is good to know folks from ST are aware of the issues and interested.
I’m wondering if you can look into an IDE option that would give users control of if using S2 or S0 for particular device. In that way we could preserve compatibility with these older devices.
In my case I have used the RFWC5 at certain locations where wiring 3 way switches would not be economical. I used the direct scenes and associations because they will still work without internet or even a hub. If I ever sell my house or the hub were gone the RFWC5 controllers would still function. I would hate to loose that advantage for these devices in my home.

I’m hoping to update the DH for the new app next winter. I’ll have to do some research one how and what to do. Hopefully the commands for reading and setting the indicators will still be able to work. With those the hub/webcore can keep the status of the button indicators in sync with the state of the devices being controlled. So when I tell google to turn on the dining room light. The indicator on the RFWC5 also lights up and it can be used to turn the light off as you would expect. Otherwise a user needs to double pump the button.

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FYI, I believe you can force a device to join using S0 (currently) using these two methods:

  1. Add the device in the new app by using the “Scan Nearby” button.
  2. Use the classic app to add the device. The classic app does not support the new S2 implementation.

Will give it a shot. Thanks Eric.


Thanks everyone for your input here, greatly appreciated. Based on @erocm1231 (Eric’s) suggestion, i was able to add my first 5x zooz switches without any issue using the “Scan Nearby” button” and they all read as " ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE". devices. Then i configured them with one of my cooper keypad, guess what??? it worked, Yes i really worked :slight_smile: like before, including all the features using @sainsworth Scott’s custom DH. I’m so happy and you all have taken my stress away. i’m very excited to add my remaining zooz’s and cooper keypads… now i can sleep and dream in peace :slight_smile:

Once again, greatly appreciated everyone’s time and effort. you guys rock!!! @nathancu @erocm1231 @JDRoberts @sainsworth @TheSmartestHouse @Kianoosh_Karami


I will have our internal team look at why the S2 connection with the same device causes incompatibility issues. Thanks for letting us know


Some hubs will allow the user access to the level

The 700 series z-wave devices all require S2 security, security it is no longer “optional”. I would expect that in the future that it will be harder to disable.

The primary z-wave controller dictates the security, so if you want to force the issue have the ST be a secondary.

At the moment I would say this is entirely up to the devices manufacturers. I have scene devices that once joined via S2 reject any message not sent via S2 and I have seen devices which accept any message once joined to the network.

Fibaro has devices that handle secure messages based on configuration options.

I cannot remember what the z-wave specification says with regards to this being a “should” vs a “shall”, but device manufactures are not uniform in this at the moment.

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Having the option would be best for backward compatibility and for security going forward.