Cooper Aspire Scene Controller RFWC5 and RFWC5D Device Handler [beta release]

Enter nothing. Just press the button.

Just wondering if you ever got it working.

Hey guys, I think this device is the perfect use case for an RGB bulb.

Can someone please confirm the following?

  1. This scene controller will never turn off the power for the light bulb, it will only execute certain scenes. e.x. 1 - Red, 2 - Blue, 3 Green, 4 - Yellow, 5 - White, 6 - Off routine (turn off bulb, not circuit).
  2. In the event that ST is offline, Buttons 5 & 6 will work as off and on buttons for the circuit.
  3. Can you assign a scene as a “hold” button press?
  4. Do you know of any drawbacks of using this device to control RGB bulbs?


  1. understand that it will directly control only Zwave devices. If your
    bulb is zwave capable it should connect. I’ve no experience with colored
    bulbs, but I know the device only sends zwave commands for scene activation
    or basic on off level. For scenes the level(dimmer) is programmed into the
    dimmer itself. I’m not sure how that works with colored bulbs. Assuming it
    is scene capable and you have a way to program the scene it should work.
    If it’s not zwave you will need to use ST to command the light when a
    button is pushed.

  2. For zwave devices button 6 will send a basic off command to all devices.
    5 will not. A 2nd push of any button will turn its controlled devices off.
    For other devices use ST to turn devices off when a button is pushed
    (webcore). You can keep the device in sync with the controller by checking
    the indicators with ST and webcore.

  3. No. For zwave dimmers a button hold will adjust the level. For other
    devices ST does not have a way to know which button was held.

  4. I do not. I have no experience with colored bulbs.

I did. Unfortunately I can’t remember what I did to get it working. I’ve got each button running a Smartlighting app and it works great.

It won’t work as you envision because this device is an older Z wave device sending a specific set of Z wave “scene” commands directly to another Z wave device which is capable of understanding those commands.

There Are a couple of brands of RGBW Z Wave bulbs, but they all use the “color switch” command set which is not supported by the Cooper device.

So good idea, but not one that you can implement with this particular device.

If you want a multibutton device for different color scenes, the battery powered remotec 90 is popular. It sends a message to the smart things hub which then sends a message to the bulbs, so the bulbs can be zwave, zigbee, Wi-Fi, or a mix.


There are some other multi button devices that also work in the same way and would be worth considering:

But any device which communicates directly to another Z wave device is unlikely to give you color control even of a Z wave RGBW bulb.

Hi all.
I’m looking to purchase a couple of these, just one question. If all the actions are controlled via ST - Core, let’s say Indicator 1 is turned on, if I press the second button on the keypad to turn its indicator on, will that turn indicator 1 off?

The buttons work independently by default. However, if you are using core and want that behavior you can use program it in core or webcore.

Below is a webcore piston that accomplishes it

If I were writing this piston today I would use the “indicatorsallset” command and then just pass the value that turns on the just the light pressed. Simpler and much faster.

I was actually hoping that indicator 1 wouldn’t turn off by turning on button 2. So that indicator 1 turns off only by button 1 press or the all off button.
Can this be done?

That is the default functionality. The buttons are independent. (except button 6 the all off button). It will work the way you describe.

Thanks for the great DH. I think I got my RFWC5 working more or less. Just a quick question, The device wired to the RFWC5, how do I turn that on? Do I use the ST device number for it, or is there an internal number?

The RFWC5 does not support any devices physically connected to it. Wiring
is only to supply power to itself. It will only send zwave commands via
wireless to control other devices.

If you have a light or something you want to control then you will need a
zwave relay or dimmer to control it.

Hey everyone. so i just installed the RFWC5, Im just looking to control 1 cooper dimmer and 4 GE Jasco switches. i’ve added the device handler, then added the controller (which showed up as a “z-wave device”). But im pretty sure i didn’t do something right.I realized that i did not add the device IDs and levels. I am trying to do that now, but I’m not sure where that should be added. I’m sure its just this seciton:

can someone show me how a finished version looks like? I don’t know where in the line(s) i should add the device ID and level (and if i should delete anything thats already there). Again, nothing complex, just want to turn lights on and off in the hallway. 1 switch is a dimmer, and 4 others are just on/off switches. I was expecting to use associations, but i’m fine with scenes if thats a better route for planning ahead.

Apologize in advance if this is wayyy too simple of a question, or if i’m missing something already mentioned in the thread.

In the IDE please make sure you have published the device handler for
yourself. Then find the device under devices. Click on the device name to
see details of the device. The device type should be Cooper Aspire Scene
Controller RFWC5 RFWC5D. If not then click on the edit button at the
bottom of the page. Change the type by selecting “Cooper Aspire Scene
Controller RFWC5 RFWC5D” from the list. If it is not available you have
not properly installed and published the device handler.

Once have the device set to the correct device type then go to your mobile
device and find the controller under things. You can enter the device IDs
and levels by selecting the gear in the upper right (settings). Follow the
instructions carefully and hit configure scenes.

Your cooper dimmer may need to be configured using scenes rather than by
association. Try association, if that works for you great. If not try
installing the DH I made for the Linear GoControl dimmers. Temporarily
change your dimmers device handler to the one I created. Set up the scene
in your cooper dimmer. Once you have scene set and know it works you can
change the DH back to the original one as scene setting need only be done
once (assuming you don’t want to change it).

I hope this helps.


Thanks Scott. That does clear things up. I changed the device type and that let me see things in the app to adjust. Just some follow ups.

  1. How long before controller “takes” the new associations/scenes? Is it instant? I’m guessing not.
  2. Do you have a link for Linear DH? I may have to go that route.
  3. Does the #6 button have to configured in any way? or will it automatically send the All off command as it was originally intended to?
  4. From what I’m understanding from reading above, the controller will turn off the lights its assigned to when pressed a 2nd time? or does this controller only send the one “on” command out?

thanks again for your help.

  1. it will take a minute or so. you can go to the log screen in the IDE and
    see we what it is doing

  2. see posts at the top of the thread

  3. it is preset in the device. Can’t be changed as far as I know

  4. if the indicator is off it will send on commands when button is pushed.
    it will send off commands if the indicater is on. I say it this way
    because it is somtimes useful to change the state of an indicator light via
    a program like webcore.

@sainsworth, @JDRoberts,

What do you guys think about the Cooper controller against a bank of Zwave blinds? Specifically the Graber VirtualCord shades from ZebraBlinds?

Installed the blinds and the wife really wants a ‘hard button’ as she calls it in the box in the room the blinds are in. (so that rules out things like the Aeotec or the Remotec) This box is in an easy place to expand an existing single gang with a GE Jasco in it to dual, so that’s not an issue.

I’m still researching if the Graber blinds are scene capable, I believe they are due to the way the Somfy remotes had to pair with ST…

I’m specifically wondering about the device’s function of ‘dims and brightens a scene when holding a button’ and how that would translate to the blinds and given that what would be the optimal setup.

While I would like the device to operate with no active 'net connection, but I’m worried about creating a confusing use case for lay users.


I think it will work fine. The cooper controller will work via scenes or association. So even if the the scene commands are not properly supported the it will work via association and the basic CC. I think once you set your high and low limits for the blind the controller can use the basic command class to send a value of 0 to 99 for range of positions in between. This works just like a dimmable light (except you have to set the limits). A button hold on the controller should move the shade up and down for custom adjustment. Like a light the first hold moves one way (dimmer) the second goes the other (brighter).

Once you configure the Cooper via the DH the cooper should directly control the shades without need of the hub.

Don’t have any shades to test this on, so please report back how it works.

Will do. Now to find a source for the white decorator variant… Wife doesn’t like the one with the curved feature on the faceplate… At least the LED are blue. :slight_smile:

If I understood correctly, can you use the hold function without setting the device via scene commands, rather just using association?

“So even if the the scene commands are not properly supported the it will work via association and the basic CC”…