Cooper Aspire RF syncing master and auxiliary switches

I think you need a remote capable of setting two-way associations, like Cooper or Leviton’s remotes. Lutron has a patent on two-way communication between switches and controllers, and Cooper and Leviton are the only companies that pay to license that patent. When I create a virtual 3-way with my Leviton remote, first it associates the auxiliary switch with the master switch, and then it asks me to set a reverse association. I don’t think the Aeon Minimote is capable of doing that second part.

Other than this issue (which I hopefully just solved), what do you think about your Cooper dimmer switches? Like, what are the pros and cons? On paper, they seem like the best Z-Wave dimmers available, but I’ve never actually tried one. I started a thread to figure out who makes the best dimmers, but no one has chimed in about Cooper.