Cooper Aspire RF Handheld Controller as Secondary Controller, HOW?

Just got a Cooper Aspire RF Handheld Controller. I added it to Smartthings but it still thinks its the primary. How do you get into be the secondary and read all the devices already in the zwave network? Thanks for any help, this is driving me nuts.

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This might help:

You may have to try it a few times but eventually I was able to get the Cooper Controller to be recognized by SmartThings as a “Z-Wave Remote”. After a few tries, I was also able to get it to add all the devices already on the ST network.

What I can’t get it to do (and anybody else’s help here would be appreciated) is to pull over the names for the devices from ST. They are mostly listed as “AllLoadDim_20” or some such. So it’s hard for me to know which device in the Cooper corresponds to the actual physical device.


So after multiple attempts at device discovery it only picked up one or two devices from among the 2 dozen I have. So I went to Devices --> Install and added each device manually.

As far as the names, SmartThings does not update the ZWave field based on the names you give devices. You can do that on the handheld (which is a P.I.T.A.) but it works. Then you can create scenes and assign them to the 5-button scene controllers (which I installed, but were useless till now).

The controller still shows a “P” on the display which is supposed to indicate that it’s the primary, but it doesn’t seem to conflict with SmartThings, which also thinks it’s the primary. So all good so far.