Cooper Aspire Associations

Hi All,

Relatively new to this…but have been working with Cooper Aspire dimmer switches that have association. I have linked the three way lights together and they work great with physical switch events.

When you physically hit the switch for one of the three lights, the others automatically update (I assume through the association). However, they do not update when set via the smart things app.

I have been able to identify the association group device id’s through quarrying the association commands and i was hoping to use the send event (which seems to accept other device ID’s) to update the two other lights when i receive an app command for the active device.

Any thoughts on why send event is not working?

Also, given i know which devices are associated, A Smart App where i have to actually pick the devices doesn’t make sense either.

I can believe that if you know the associated devices, that you can not automatically do something without having to actually manually identify devices (via SmartApp input)…Please tell me i am missing something because this seems way too easy.