Cooper 5-Scene Controller

My house has Cooper light switches and I’ve replaced a number of them with their Z-Wave switches. I’d like to buy something with multiple buttons such that I can set different functions to each button. Cooper has the device below, but I’m curious if I’d be able to assign each button to a different function (e.g. disarm SHM, turn off a couple remote lights, close the garage, etc.).

Any insight?

The Cooper device has been much discussed in the forums. The short answer is that there are two ways for a button device to control a light.

One) it sends a message to the hub and the hub then sends a message to the light. Smartthings calls this a “button controller,” there are several of them that work with SmartThings, including the Enerwave SC7, which is quite popular with community members.

When a device works in this way, you can have the button controller trigger anything that SmartThings can do, including turning on a light of a completely different protocol, running a routine, changing the mode, etc., grouping together a set of zigbee bulbs and a zwave fan, etc. :sunglasses:

  1. it sends a message directly to the light. The hub doesn’t even know it was sent. In this case, the two devices must use exactly the same protocol and must be within One hop of each other.

The Cooper 5 button switch is this type of Z wave device, as are most devices labeled “scene controller.”

Most people don’t use this second type with SmartThings, because first of all, the status in the app will never be correct because the hub doesn’t know what the buttons did, and secondly because you are extremely limited in what devices you can use with it.

I’m assuming that you did search the forums for this device before asking your question as there are many discussions on it. The reason you probably didn’t find it is because Cooper uses the last two characters of the model name for the color. And I don’t know that anyone would’ve been specifically talking about the “silver granite” model. Next time just search with the first five characters of the Cooper model name. I know there’s no way you could’ve known that, it’s just a Cooper convention. :sunglasses:


Below is a link to a thread for a device handler. Please give it a shot.