CoopBoss is certified! Chicken coop door controller for SmartThings

I’m wondering how does everyone bring power to the coopboss.

The adapter cable is not long, I installed the coopboss under the roof of the coop and I’m thinking maybe a power strip under the coop. But the adapter cable is not long enough to reach the roof. I might have to move the coopboss to under the coop as well.

I am thinking of an extension cord from an outdoor gfci outlet to the coop. Any better suggestions?

This is my chicken coop:

yup the coopboss costs more than the chicken coop.

I installed an outdoor rated GFI outlet close to our coop then ran a short extension cord from it to the power brick tucked up inside.

I am interested in purchasing the CoopBoss but can’t seem to figure out how! I have gone to both and amazon. Can you help?

I want to use ST to turn on a smart LED bulb in the chicken coop when the light level is below a certain threshold? However, I found a smartapp in the marketplace but it cannot get the light-level from the CoopBoss DHT? Do you know how?



Couple of things to try. Take a look at the smartapps for the CoopBoss web site. A couple years ago I wrote a Coop light management SmartApp that may come close to what your looking for. If not (on that same website) take a look at the Advanced Features section. If you install the virtual CoopBoss custom device handler and SmartApp that goes with it you should see a Lux value from the CoopBoss light sensor. That is probably what your SmartApp is looking for.

Thanks that’s what was needed.

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Where can we buy the CoopBoss?? The website says its not longer forsale… WHAT!!! I need 2-4 of them!

John, I was pretty excited to see while cruising the marketplace to see your product! I was hopeful it would be just the thing for us but, was disappointed to learn you stopped making them. Any options to still get one??

Hi John - Like others, was disappointed to see you stopped making this. Wanting to convert my Brinsea opener to a ST-integrated actuator…like yours. Don’t have the time to figure out each step. Your product looked great! :sob:

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I am sorry that I missed out on this SmartThings product. I love my SmartThings home and am getting ready to build a new chicken coop. I was looking into this because it works with SmartThings. Obviously, I can cobble together sensors to give me the temperature, humidity, motion, and control plugs for the heater and lamp. I can even come up with a way to do the door but here was one product designed for this use.

Your YouTube video makes me green with envy at your fountain, coop, and landscape work. Maybe one day your product will return to the market.

I know this thread is very old - but wondering if anyone is still using the CoopBoss who has the know-how to update the DTH for the new app? If not, next week any users of CoopBoss will have limited functionality as the CoopBoss doesn’t display correctly in the new app and the old one is being deprecated. I’d be happy to throw some coffee, chocolate or $$ toward an updated DTH if someone has the time! @JohnR are you interested in a small consignment job? :wink:

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Hey Tracy good to hear from you. Glad you’re still using the CoopBoss.

As things stand now once your CoopBoss is migrated to the new platform you can still open and close the coop door, see the temperature and turn on the coop light.

The auto close and auto open feature of the CoopBoss will continue to work as it did before the migration. That feature is not dependent on the SmartThings cloud.

The new interface is a little confusing as the first thing you see is the on / off button at the top. That is actually for the Coop light (the light has to be hard wired (via relay) to the Aux port of the CoopBoss). I think only a few people use that feature. But it does work, if you have one. Most people would put a hue bulb or other smart bulb in their coop. The next thing you see are three automations for the light. Just below that you find the actual door control that will open and close the door. It also auto updates the status if you manually push the physical open / close button that was hard wired to the CoopBoss. The last thing that was migrated over was the coop temperature at the bottom of the new app.

Someone other than me has made these changes and I’m doing some digging to see if I can get back in and make additions to what they have done. I appreciate their work (I really do looks like they made several changes) but I would have arranged things a little differently. I will keep you posted on my progress.


Just as a reference here is the official SmartThingsCommunity device type for the CoopBoss.
Im just posting the link here so we don’t lose track of it over time.

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Update: After several days of digging and testing with the new SmartThings development environment I don’t feel comfortable making changes to the CoopBoss DTH at the current time. I have run into one road block after another from tools still being in prerelease to broken links and incomplete documentation. I hate to complain but I fear If I make changes to the DTH as the smartThings dev platform stands today it may undo what is working.

@JohnR Hello Sir… I am a newbie to this site and and looking for some knowledge and guidance on zigbee MHZ between US and EU…

I have purchased the Anthom HOMEY automation and it is only aviable in EU. I know the difference between is 864 EU - 908 US

Since I am just setting up this system and have bought the converter plug so I can plug it in and charge it and try to set it up…

Is there a way to change the MHZ or is there a hub I can purchase to use to be able to run this device within my home… I have no problem purchasing all items from EU that run with the device…

I can not believe that it would not be possible in todays day and age to not be able to set this system up…

Aaron Taylor

Smartthings is a multi protocol platform and there are multiple radios inside the hub. Zwave Does indeed use different radio frequencies in the US and the UK/EU and there is no way to change the frequency after the device is manufactured.

However, the good news is that smartthings uses the “global“ Zigbee frequency of 2.4 MHz and it is exactly the same in the US and the EU.

Since coop boss is a Zigbee device, there are no regional issues.

That said, I don’t believe CoopBoss is going to work with a homey hub because it is a fairly complex device and homey support for Zigbee is pretty much limited to on/off/dim. :disappointed_relieved: so you would need to purchase the UK version of the smartthings hub to run it.

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Hey JD good to see you still doing the good work out here on the forum. Just an FYI the CoopBoss is no longer for sale. I haven’t made one in 4 years.

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Please move this conversation to another thread.


This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. All of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It is not a general home automation forum.

Homey is a competitor to the Samsung system so you would use one or the other. So I am afraid we will not be able to help you here.

I suggest you try the reddit home automation subforum. They discuss all brands.


On June 30, 2021 SmartThings is shutting down support for the SmartThings Hub (2013). This hub is how the CoopBoss communicates with the SmartThings IOS and Android app. You will no longer be able to control the CoopBoss with these apps. After June 30, 2021 you should still be ale to open and close the coop door with the physical button connected to the CoopBoss. The CoopBoss has a built in light sensor that is used to automatically open and close the coop door. If this is enabled it should continue to work after the hub is shutdown.