Cool new features in MyHubs IDE

Looks interesting and nice that there is some debugging features instead of the option on the iPhone which seems to create a lot of load on the system.

What new features are you talking about?

I just saw your post and figured I would go back take a screenshot and it is not there. I was previously on a tech chat because i am experiencing delays in my system. So maybe it was left from tech support. What I saw in there was more advanced live logging, more advanced device filtering, hubcache flushing, graphing and some other features.

I am pretty sure that is only enabled while tech support is working on specific types of issues for you. I saw it once when I was trying to get my hub firmware updated and had been emailing with them. I was poking around and found a place that I could select any version of the firmware to install so I just picked the one I was looking for. :smile:
I am guessing that they don’t really want end users in there so I 'm not sure if seeing it is a bug or just a side effect of the architecture.