Converting from Iris - ST questions if I have two physical locations. Also, some questions about cameras

I am new to the communnity and I am/was an Iris user who is needing to redo my entire set up at a secondary location. I do have a primary residence with a smartthings hub controling some minimual functions (camera, thermo, locks, lights). So I am a novice at best with the Smartthings hub.

I think I have made up my mind to go with the Smartthings solution as I am excited about developing and controlling through the ST Developer application.

At my secondary location, I will mainly be controlling remotly the Thermostat (Zwave CT100), cameras and locks along with Scenes running If/then “rules”
My question is: 1) What is the best way to add a second hub at a secondary location (2 accounts, 2 locations within the App same account)
2) Cameras - Arlo sucks, as I have one at my primary location and the lag is awful. Ring, I have one of those too, the fisheye view is not very becoming, but can get used to it. What are suggestions for cameras that can be viewed and record motion both day and night that work well with the ST Ecosystem?

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated as I only have 2 months to get this up, tested and operational.

Thank you all for your help

  1. assuming you own both properties, i’d go with one account, two locations, one hub per location
  2. Depends on your requirements. Outdoor, indoor, battery powered, etc. I’ve been very please with Wyze. I have them arming/disarming/recording by SmartThings events through IFTTT.
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Thanks for input. Yes, I own both properties.
One main concern is the Zway Thermostat that was supplied by Lows by iris. Ct100 ithink. Do you know if it is pairable to ST ecosystem?

I have been investigating Wyze cameras, but see no Outdoor camera. I can power them by Dc, but need them to be outdoor. And a couple indoor. Is the integration of Wyze cameras into the ST ecosystem difficult? I can assume they dont just pair friendly out of the box and some coding is needed?

thank you agin for your time.

The only fully integrated option is Arlo. I believe Wyze can be used in some major with IFTTT. Nest requires nest manager smart app and not fully aware of how well it integrates. I am not sure about ring cameras but have hear allot about them not being easily integrated.

If you dont like Arlo you may also want to look at POE cameras and a software NVR like Blue Iris. I have been considering one of those to augment my Arlo cameras recently.

The thermostat should work. Those are rebranded “radio thermostat of America“ models. :sunglasses: