Converting DTH to new app

I have a virtual device type I created for modifying WebCoRE global variables. I want to get started looking at how to make this work with the new app but just looking at how they already look in the new app I am confused. I have a single device type and have created three devices using it. The DTH is identical so I would expect the new app to treat them all the same.

There is how they look using the classic app:

One is scrolled up a bit but they look the same. The settings look like this:

When I look at the same device in the new app, the setting are OK and look the same:

But the device view looks completely different:

Any idea why the exact same DTH would appear differently for two different virtual devices? I actually get two that look like the right one and one that looks like the left. It’s strange.

The two that display like the image on the right, are behaving as I’d expect. They are basically saying they don’t have any capabilities they know about and just falling back to displaying the connection status instead.

The device shown on the left looks like it may have picked up some crud from a close encounter with a different device type handler. In particular it looks like there could be a ‘switch’ attribute hiding somewhere and confusing things. It is the sort of weird thing that can happen if, for example, you temporarily change the device type handler using the IDE in an attempt to kick things into life (changing the device name temporarily is safer). Could something like that have happened?

Actually, the one on the left was the older one I hadn’t made any changes in a while. The other two are relatively new (created in the last week). But, that is a difference between them.