Convert Your Wired Alarm System into a SmartThings Smart Home Monitor System for Under $25 with NodeMCU ESP8266 (2017)

Konnected doesn’t have its own monitoring, thats all done through SmartThings. And SmartThings currently had one monitored provider which is Scout. You don’t need any different sensors, what you have or whats on Konnected is all you need:

@vseven Thanks for your reply. Actually that is not totally true. Smartthings does have it’s own monitoring service with ADT that they just started. It’s quite good package. However, you have to buy their sensors etc i.e. But since I already the old monitoring system, I am looking re-purpose that. That is the reason I am trying to confirm if after using Konnected, will Scout monitor these old sensors.

Konnected works perfectly with the Scout monitored integration in SmartThings.
Konnected will not work with the new ADT cobranded SmartThings hub.

@heythisisnate Great. Thank you for the confirmation Nate. Going to back to your project! I hope you will send it out by Feb 2018 as mentioned on your site.

Hi, since the presence sensor is not accurate, I need something to delay the alarm when family member trigger the alarm. I have an ActionTile mounted on the wall. I am looking for a delay timer that can work with the Piezo .

Example: when family member trigger the alarm, they have 30 seconds to deactivate the home security in the ActionTile. The Piezo will make the sound every one second acting like a countdown.

Thank you!

Consider trying this…

@heythisisnate How do I find out how many zones I have in my house? Thank you.

I just discovered Konnected a day or two ago as I was googling around trying to figure out how to interface my old wired Napco Gemini P3200 system. In addition to the numerous door, window and stress sensors, I have 10 wired smoke detectors, 3 heat detectors, and 3 carbon monoxide detectors. In my mind the fire safety/CO connected to the siren are far and away the most important. Which brings me to my question about internet and reliance on SmartThings cloud. I don’t quite understand how all the pieces fit together, but is SmartThings actually responsible for triggering the siren in the event one of the safety related sensors trips or is this logic handled on the Node board? I don’t care about status readings or being able to interact with SmartThings in the event of an internet outage but smoke detector operation can’t depend on the internet. Backup power is handled by battery and generator so I have redundancy there. Can anyone shed light on the internet/siren question? Thank you.

Yes, SmartThings is responsible for setting off the siren. For critical devices like smoke detectors, I wouldn’t rely exclusively on it. Most smoke detecters have internal sounders as well.

OK. Thanks for confirming. This is one area where you may not get a second chance to debug so I agree you don’t want to rely on SmartThings exclusively. I guess one possibility would be to leave the smoke/heat/carbon monoxide on the existing system and somehow hook into the siren output of the board (maybe with a relay or something that would act as a switch–clearly I’m not an electrical engineer). Perhaps Konnected could then monitor this and have SmartThings send a notification if the siren is active. This would get most of the way there. But the most important thing is that the siren works locally. Notification is a distant second. Look forward to playing around with Konnected. This definitely fills a need!

Wow, this is awesome. I will be following and staying close to the Kickstarter. I plan to have my Smartthings HUB by the end of the year, so should line up great with your Kickstarter release.

Ever since I saw this type of solution on a MLM (called JAQX Universal Wired Translator) smart home, I figured there would be more folks developing this style solution. I will have to see how many zones I have and circle back.Thanks for this development!

Is there anyway to assign a static IP to the NodeMCU device? I tried to create a DHCP reservation on my router and for some reason the device connects then drops off WiFi. I am going to try a packet capture to drill down into the DHCP request.

In general a DCHP reservation should work, I’m not sure why you’re seeing it drop off the network. You can assign a static IP address but you’d need to modify the code to do that. It would go in init.lua. See documentation here:

I have a static reservation for both of my Konnected boards and my ST_anything board…all 3 correctly pull the assigned ip address and stay connected. I do know that once I set a reservation on my netgear router for some reason I have to reboot the router for it to work properly. But otherwise they’ve stayed connected.

I have install the SmarApp Delay, but for the option siren to beep on entry delay, I can’t find the Piezo. I only see my actual siren on the list. Is there anyway to use the Piezo as entry countdown?

Maybe check to see if they piezo is listed if you select the option for a keypad for the sound instead of a siren.

It said “There are no devices of this capability” in the Keypads sounds entry.

Hey I just backed your Kickstarter. Out of curiosity, is there a reason you went with the Node instead of an Atmel ATMega which has many more GPIOs available?

The ATMega doesn’t have integrated WiFi like the NodeMCU ESP8266. Also it’s more expensive.

For a small number of pins, yes. However, the entire hardware setup for 32 channels communicating serial to Raspberry pi would be under $30 with these commercial links. Also, Web interface would be possible.

$12 atmega

$10 raspi zero w

$5 USB adapter

Expansion would involve a USB cable and a $12 board.