Convert volume/dimmer from 100% to 1-10 scale

Anyone has an idea what the easiest way is to convert a media device that sets the volume from 1 to 100, into a 1 to 10 scale to use with Alexa? I want to tell Alexa set TV to 4 (that would correspond to 40% in the media handler). It could be at handler level or virtual device.

Alexa “natively” supports percent as a part of the Smart / Connected Home features. I highly recommend that approach.

If you write or modify a custom Skill, then you can parse out any value you want.

Meanwhile, you could create 10 virtual switches or phrases named 1 to 10, but Alexa doesn’t even like Devices with numeric names.

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Well, I don’t want a custom skill, or have ten virtual devices. I think I can modify a virtual dimmer and scale up the command that comes from Alexa. So I tell Alexa set TV volume to 5, then multiply that by ten to adjust the dimmer. With Ask Alexa or Echosistant is easier, because like you said I can customize the skill, but I’d like to say Alexa set TV to 5 or just Alexa TV 5. Just tested with a regular dimmer and the command worked, just need to find the best way to convert it…

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Thanks for making me think! The easiest way is to do it in my AVR handler. Use Alexa to set level 1 to 10 and I multiply that by 10 and send it to my TV. If command comes > 10, then I max out at 100%.