Convert Multichannel or Switch Endpoints to Alarm

Hello all,

Need some advise on where to start. It appears I have successful wired a zwn-rsm2 to Kidde sm120x and co120x that are connected to my hardwired smoke & CO alarms. When I do a test on the system, the independent lights I wired to the loads of the zwn-rsm2 work as expected. Out of the box during a device test I am able to get the zwn-rsm2 as a z-wave device multichannel showing the sm120x (switch1) as “on”. My best guess is the alarm system test isn’t “on” for enough time to show for the “switch endpoints” to change. Has anyone been successful to pull status from both connections on the zwn-rsm2 as a single device? Or, does anyone know where I can start to write my own “alarm” device type for multichannel devices? I’ve been tinkering with the different device types that were used before mutlichannel was supported but without much luck.


The good news is that smoke and Co are separate capabilities, so they can both be published into one device.
So you’re going to be able to remove the current switch capabilities and replace them with smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
The bad news is I can’t help with the current multi endpoint on that device. I did write a dual switch for an aeon, figured it out by looking at the aeon power strip dth in the ide.

Great to hear I should be able to get the functionality and not going down a dead end. Additional functionality I have working are use the endpoint switches on ST to controlling their respective independent loads. So in theory, if the load stays on for more than 3secs the endpoint switches should “alarm”.