Convert IR code to z wave command

I use Philips pronto remote that I put a lot of time setting it up so that wife can easily use. In the home theater i have a bunch of x10 dimmers to control lighting. However, it is time to move from x10 and I am installing wifi and z wave dimmers controllable by smartthings. However, i still want the ability to have my Pronto remote send an ir code to turn on a smartthing device. So i am looking for an ir to smartthing device. Everything I have googled have been smartthing to ir (ie Harmony home hub) not the other way around. basically i am looking for the smartthing or z wave equivalence of the IR543 for x10.

Changing out of the Pronto remote is not an option.

Maybe something along the lines of what is discussed below. That is an old thread and that particular solution may or may not still work.

Thanks for the reply, but I am pretty sure that required the use of a harmony remote (he mentioned Harmony API). I need ability to accept (not send) a generic IR signal and turn that to a trigger for Smartthings. It did bring up FLIRC which is not a bad idea.

It did not require a Harmony remote. The setup was to capture ir commands. A harmony remote happened to be used but it could have been any ir remote.