Convert florescent to LED strips help

I am pondering a project and hoping the very smart people here can help me make good decisions.

I have a standard florescent fixture in my kitchen overhead with 4 T8 bulbs.

I want to convert it to bright white strip led lights. I figured I would purchase one or 2 of the 16.5ft kits that come with the power supplies. Or just 2 strips and a separate power supply. I can hide all that inside the light fixture in the overhead.

My dilemma is I’d like to be able to turn them on and off via both smartthings and the wall switch.

My original thought was to use a micro switch in the light fixture to toggle power. I don’t think a micro can handle the power draw from 1 larger or 2 smaller power supplies for the lights.

Why a micro you ask? Because my line comes into the light in the overhead. So I only have 2 wires running down to the wall switch. Pulling new wires to the switch would be difficult. So trying to avoid that.

I am hoping someone can direct me to an idea or method for simple on off of power that can take the load requirement of the power supply for the leds.

I’m sure it’s simple, and I’m just over thinking it.

Thanks in advance.

This micro relay can handle 10A. Is that enough?

Thank you @Navat604

That should work.

I also just found a 150watt psu that only draws 4 amps on the AC side. So now I have options.
The total.price of the project is going up at a rapid pace. Mostly because when you look at the light kits they sell you a 16.5ft string (77watts draw) paired with a 36watt power supply. Hmmmm doesn’t really add up.

I installed two each of these for my laundry room and pantry, they are super bright and it pretty easy to modify the fixture to make them work.

So you just had to change out the tombstones? Remove the ballast, wire 120 to tombstone?

No just reused the old tombstones, I removed ballast and wired the neutral to one tombstone and hot to the other.

Thanks for the update.