Controlling Zigbee Bulb with Z-Wave Switch

I have several Zigbee-based bulbs throughout my house and would like to figure out a way to place a button or switch in the same rooms to easily turn the bulbs in and off. My GE zwave remote won’t control Zigbee bulbs with SmartThings. Ideally I would have a 2-switch control in a single gang box - one to control the overhead 110V light and the other to control the lamps with Zigbee bulbs in the same rooms. Can anyone offer specific product recommendations to accomplish this?


I always suggest this product. However, you can take a look at a larger list.

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The way to do it " the right way" is to install a switch in a gang box. You can use any switch ,even the add-on switches . DO NOT hook up anything to the load. Just line power and neutral . Pair it with ST . Make an automation hat if new switch is turned on, turn o. lights 1,2,3,4,5. If new switch is turned off turn off lights 1,2,3,4,5 .

There are versions of the Leviton switches that do not report status instantly so they can’t be used unless you are ok with a 10-50 second lag.

I also do what @RLDreams suggested in certain cases…

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I’m not sure what those pages had on them when you linked to them, but they are definitely not a good switch/bad switch distinction right now. One is a fan switch and the other is a dimmer switch with instant reporting.

The LEVITON distinction is simple. The Vizia line has instant reporting. The DZ line does not.

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Fixed, thanks. Was rushing.

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Back to the original question…

Zigbee bulbs should always be kept on power. You can shorten the life of the bulbs otherwise.

There are many ways to address the issue of having a switch on the wall to work with them. In fact we have a whole FAQ about it: :sunglasses: :bulb:

But there are three simple answers that look good side by side.

  1. use a gocontrol WD master switch for the light fixture and a WT dummy switch (non load bearing) right next to it for the zigbee bulbs. These are both mains powered devices, so you will need a double gang box

The WT will talk to the hub which will then talk to the bulbs.

The WT dummy switch is very popular in the community as a wall switch for smartbulbs.

  1. Use a smart switch cover for control of the zigbee bulbs. This is battery-operated and can fit over an existing switch, or just be wall-mounted. Some people don’t like the looks, some people do. There are two different devices of this type, both will work. They work the same way as the gocontrol dummy switch. The switch talks to the hub, the hub talks to the bulb. Shop around for these as the prices vary a lot.

  1. use the cooper battery operated switch that @whoismoses recommended. This is a really nice device and can be mounted right next to the matching Cooper mains powered switch and look exactly like a double gang. However, these devices are more expensive than the GoControl in option one.

Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, and Aspire is the model line. The switches may be sold under any of these three names. Again, shop around.

The master switch

The battery operated switch:

So those are three good options, just depending on your own preferences. Some people like the bulb control switch to look exactly like the fixture control switches, and some people like them to look different.

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Long time follow up, but does anyone know what the current best in-wall switch options to control independent zigbee bulbs are?

The Gocontrols WT and the Leviton Vizia’s appear to be less common.

This thread is a couple years old. I would start with the two community FAQs which have been kept up to date:


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