Controlling Tridonic DALI transformers with Wireless switches

Hello Friends,

Recently I have come across a site wherein the client had 12V 50W halogen lamps installed at his house controlled with Tridonic TE-Dc 2 0300 D101. These transformers are operated in switchDIM mode and are controlled with btcino push button momentary switches which allow ON, OFF, DIM up and DIM down operations.

Client is looking for a home automation solution categorically for controlling lights through a mobile application. Client also wants to retain the wall switches to operate the lights from the wall.

The catch here is we are not allowed to change the lights from halogen to LED nor we can perform rewiring as the interiors of the house are at completion stage.

Since the transformer is operating in SwitchDIM mode (neutral is connected to D1 and Push dim switch between Live and D2, please refer the datasheet of transformer, we cant control the transformer on DALI as switchDIM and DALI operations cant be performed at the same time.

I would like to know is there a 12V wifi switch/ relay available which I can connect at the output of transformer which can be operated in dual mode i.e. both from push button and mobile app?

Thanks in advance.