Controlling STAY mode

I have one window with a wireless open/closed sensor on it that we sometimes leave open at night intentionally. Is there a way to exclude this one sensor during the STAY mode so we don’t get alerts during the night that it is open. Would like it to work normally in AWAY,

My have already figured it out for myself. Found that I can configure the senors that are or are not included in each mode. I guess I will find out tonight but I think I got it.

Here’s an alternative low-tech approach - add an extra magnet so the window registers as closed when it is slightly open. Assuming it’s a window that slides rather than hinges.

In our case, “slightly” is a little smaller than the width of our cat’s head :grin:


Purrrrr fect! Actually that kitty does not look too happy. Any the suggestion of the second magnet and a limit on the window opening was an alternative I had already thought of but not tried. I think by turning off the “use all sensors” otpion on the “Goodnight” routine and then manually checking everything but that window I more or less accomplished what I was after. I just have to remember to keep those selections up to date when I add devices.

Thanks for the responses. My cat does NOT thank you…

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