Controlling Simon XT indirectly with smartthings & Harmony Hub?

I’ve done several searches in the community here and web in general but haven’t be able to find a good thread on this at least from the results I’ve sifted and horus I’ve researched.

While I know there is no direct way to control my Frontpoint Security system and the Simon XT directly with the smartthings hub - I’m looking to find a way to integrate the two system indirectly.

I have the routine manager in ST set to turn like on when I leave, set modes like away, arm the ST (away) mode, etc. I also need to arm my Frointpoint security system in tandem for at least now and use those sets of sensors. I also have a harmony hub in my connected home.

Has anyone been able to find a way to program the harmony hub and “learn” the GE Security Fob signals to lock and unlock the Simon XT panel?

Ideally, I’d like my ST presence detection to arm/disarm my Frontpoint panel or something similar until I can find an all in one integrated system using ST. The harmony hub however can’t seem to find the GE Security Fob commands when trying to teach or “sniff” learn the signals.

(and if this is posted someplace or any related articles - please don’t get snarky and say to search - instead please post the URLs to the documentation or threads).

I’m using the ST Hub v2.0 if that helps and the simon XT control panel in my house. Don’t have the keyfob product IDs but those GE Security product codes.