Controlling new Heat pumps

I own a 4 bedroom Colonial outside Boston that uses an oil fired boiler to heat two zones (upstairs & downstairs). We have Nest v2 thermostats on both zones.

We are getting quotes to install heat pumps for cooling and first stage heating. The two configuration options are:

  1. One ducted heat pump upstairs and two mini-splits downstairs (LG F-Max)
  2. Mini-splits in each of the four bedrooms and and two mini-splits downstairs. (Mitsubishi HyperHeat)

We are looking at 1-4 additional zones but would like to maintain “smart” control of the System. My biggest concern is how to manage the new zones that aren’t also connected to the existing heating system.

I just read a similar thread about someone using Nest Manager (which I already use) to mirror their tstats, but I’m not sure that will work as desired since only one will be configured for a second stage.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


I’m evaluating mini splits too. What did you end up doing for integration?