Controlling Lights in more than one room with one switch

I have two circuits I’d like to control with one switch. Scenario: Kitchen can lights on one three way circuit and a short hallway adjacent to the kitchen has one can light controlled by a three way switch. Is it possible to turn on (or off) both the kitchen and hallway lights with one switch (or any of the switches in the chain)?

The SmartThings Double Tap Smartapp solved this problem for me.

Sure, with a virtual three-way where one of the switches follows the other (or they each follow the other).

You can do this with any two switches which are recognized by smartthings as one switch sends a message to the hub which then sends the message over to the other switch.

If you want to use a switch for zone control, The new homeseer switches are popular as they can have single tap, double tap, or triple tap for both on and off. These devices capture the tap pattern at the switch, which eliminates the lag problem that prevented many people from using the double tap Smartapp. And you can still use them in a virtual three-way as described above. But you could have a single tap on the kitchen switch turn on just the kitchen lights and a double tap turn on the kitchen and the hallway. And have a single tap in the hallway turn on just the hallway lights and a double tap turn on both. Oh whatever pattern you wanted.

The point is just that since it’s a virtual three-way, you can have different tap patterns on each of the switches if you want. Or the same one.

So lots of options. :sunglasses: