Controlling Dumb A/C unit

I have a window unit in my house that is not smart and does not have a remote or temperature sensor. It is a knob for the heat, cool, fan setting.

I am trying to find a better way to control the unit by temperature (i.e turn off at 72 degrees, turn on at 68 degrees). I can adjust the knob to the middle so it will do eat when in winter.

I was looking at SmartThings and was wondering the best way to handle it. I know I would need the hub and outlet. The thing is how to handle the temperature factor. I was looking at the multipurpose sensor or the Temp/Humidity Sensor.

Also does what I am trying to do make sense?

Hub, outlet and something with a temperature sensor. A lot of motion sensors also have a temperature sensor. You wouldn’t be able to change the mode of the unit, but you could at least turn it on and off (assuming it turns on as soon as it has power).

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I have found the Fibaro Motion sensor to be VERY reliable, you would get motion, temp, vibration and illumination reporting from this device. It’s a little more pricy but a very well made product.

One concern with your solution is that you keep the temp range far enough apart that the thing isn’t cycling on/off too much. Also any false reports from the sensor could cause this so you might want to tweak a smart app to be even smarter like record time of last event and if very recent ignore for some period of time.

I’ve been working on an app to make virtual thermostats. The app is mostly done, but I haven’t put instructions on how to use it yet. I just haven’t had time recently. To install it, you need to install all of the smartapps and device types in this repo, but only publish the device type and manager smartapp. I plan on making the instructions better before I make an official release. Here’s the github repo: