Controlling closet room light turn off after 5 minutes

I’m very new to WebCore and have no knowledge in programming (come from hw world sorry…) , All I need is a simple procedure that will shut off the closet light automatically after 5 minutes from turn on.
Latter I’m going to add a motion sensor in the closet room, than i would like to turn on immediately when motion is detected and turn off if motion is not detected for 5 minutes. Can you help with a screen capture… thanks

Can’t get a screen cap but look in the app marketplace and select “SmartLighting”. This is going to give you the simple and easy way to do what you want rather than the complexities of WebCore.

Thank you Ryan, :+1:
This is excatly what i want. works nicely with Power Allowance trigger. It took some time to find, but at end it found working…