Controlling Ceiling Fan/Light with Zigbee/ST/Alexa

We have Savoy House brand ceiling fan/light units in 4 rooms controlled by over under rocker switches on the wall. The switches only turn fan power on and off and ditto for the fan light. No speed control function at wall (have to use pull chain on fan to do that) and no light dimming function at switch (only on and off) or on fan. Our fans did not come with remote controls. The fans were installed in our new house when we moned in in 2018.

Are there any aftermarket zigbee devices that would do both - either a device under ceiling fan cowl OR a zigbee wall switch unit that would respond to Alexa and smart things and control fan on-off and speed and light on off and dimming?

The ceiling fan units are the over head lights in our rooms so it would be nice to control fan and light operation using alexa or ST app or Alexa app.

Mike in Ocala Florida

There’s a community FAQ on exactly this topic. It should be of interest.

FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Hi @ocalamike ,

We have that scenario in our screened porch. I replaced our over/under switch with this zigbee device from Aqara:

Is that what you mean by over/under?

Unless I’m misunderstanding, The OP wants a wall switch that will control the fan speed. The present dumb switch is just on/off, but they want more than that.

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Yup I didn’t see “speed” when I first read that. I need to stop using my phone and get back to my PC.

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Our switches are identical or very similar to this Leviton except ours are almond color as are all the switches in our house.

All they do is control power to and from the ceiling fan and light.

This might work for you. It’s using Smart Life app for integration with Smartthings. It works with Alexa.

Some users here have it, just search for it

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Yup, that’s exactly what I had too. To my knowledge, I have yet to see any ZIgbee/Zwave device for that use case that can also control the speed.