Controlling bathroom lights in the morning


I’m new to ST and CoRE.

In my bathroom I have 2 dimmers and a motion sensor. I’m trying to set up a piston that will gradually brighten the lights in the morning once motion is sensed. It should then turn off the lights if there has been no motion for 30 minutes.

Here is my Piston;

I seem to have 2 issues;

  1. If the motion sensor becomes active again within the time period, the piston restarts. So my lights keep on turning off and brightening every time I move in the bathroom.

  2. Also, I’d like to set the timer so that if the motion becomes active within the wait time,the timer resets and does not affect the state of the lights.


Rather than “Bathroom motion is active”, try “Bathroom motion changes to active”.

Thank you @anon36505037 I’ll give this a try.

Crap I just realized I was hijacking thi thread. My bad I will post elsewhere