Controlling Alexa devices with Smartthings apps?

I have searched, to no avail, for the answer to this question. Please forgive me if it has already been asked and addressed.

I have successfully integrated my Echo Dot into my Smartthings collection. I can control Smartthings devices using my Echo Dot with no problem. I love using voice control for Smartthings using my Echo Dot.

What I am wondering is if it is possible to access and control devices which my Echo Dot can control using my Smartthings hub? This would enable me/us to integrate wifi devices that can be controlled by Alexa into routines in Smartthings.

Not at the present time. It’s a one way street. (if you ignore setting up big talker to ‘speak’ voice commands out of a speaker sitting next to an Alexa enabled device.)

Amazon is very… Measured. About what they allow people to access through the Alexa platform. They are just now offering beta access to the notifications portion of your Alexa experience by 3rd parties. Who knows what thier roadmap looks like.


Depending on what the device is, if it has IFTTT connectivity, then you can have an indirect integration between ST and the device.


Excellent question, and one that gets asked three or four times a month in the forum. :sunglasses:

Fortunately, there’s an FAQ which should help: (this is a clickable link)